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The Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs is THE place for travel advisors who want to stop guessing and start attracting lucrative clients that feed their passions and make their businesses fun again. By joining GIFTE, purchasing one of its products, or participating in its private and group coaching programs, you will finally connect the dots and get the clarity and focus you need to start attracting clients, money AND recognition doing the work you love so much. You can read some of our success stories here.

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When Parents Don’t Give You What You Want: Thank Them for the Gift

My father never called me “sugar” or “sweetie” or “honey.” I might have been his youngest daughter, but I never felt like “daddy’s little girl.” Don’t get me wrong. He was a wonderful father. He provided for me in ways that made me feel incredibly blessed. As a successful executive, he spent all [continue reading ...]

Opt-In 101: How to Create an Effective Opt In for Your List Building Activities

Hands down, the number 1 blind spot for most travel business owners, when it comes to marketing, is list building.  No one is showing you how to add NEW prospects to your contact database on a regular basis.  When you don’t, you end up marketing and remarking to the same contact list, with no growth [continue reading ...]

How I Can Predict Your Financial Future in 2 Short Minutes

What if: As you were standing on the edge of a long, expansive beach, you realized that the ocean represented all of the money available to you? And you are holding a bucket to take your share? How big is your bucket? This analogy is my absolute favorite for explaining the concept of a m [continue reading ...]

The 3 Life Lessons Entrepreneurship Can Teach You

My beginnings were far from entrepreneurial. My mom and dad encouraged me to take the safe path. They wanted me to find a good job that paid well, offered great benefits and stability and security. So I did. I got into a great college. I graduated with honors. I started a great job 3 weeks after [continue reading ...]

Developing a Habit Can Be Easier Than You Think

I have some strange sleeping habits. I don’t normally get THIS personal in my articles, but there is a point to my admission, so just stay with me for a moment. The first strange sleeping habit is that I like to sleep with a pillow over my head. Not under. Over. On top of. The other unusual sleepin [continue reading ...]
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