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  • Are you tired of working your butt off and getting paid so little?
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The Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs is THE place for travel advisors who want to stop guessing and start attracting lucrative clients that feed their passions and make their businesses fun again. By joining GIFTE, purchasing one of its products, or participating in its private and group coaching programs, you will finally connect the dots and get the clarity and focus you need to start attracting clients, money AND recognition doing the work you love so much. You can read some of our success stories here.

Wondering what your first step with us should be? If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for your free “Problems Solved Information Kit” (you can do so in the upper right hand corner of this page!) In it I share 3 invaluable tools: a script for charging a service fee with ease and grace in 4 easy steps;  a simple no-fail elevator speech formula that attracts clients like a magnet; and a one-page worksheet for identifying 18 blog article titles that your prospects WANT to read! Of course, if you have questions feel free to contact us anytime!


  • 3 Steps to Moving from Busy Bee to Queen Bee

    (by Meredith Hill) I’ve recently had the pleasure of working with several clients who have well established travel businesses. They have been in business for many years and they consistently sell millions of dollars in travel every year. Sounds like the ultimate place to be right? Not necessarily. Every entrepreneur has obstacles and challenges no matter where they are in their business … Continue reading

  • Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

    (by Meredith Hill) Let’s face it. It happens. Maybe you know someone. Maybe it’s you. Whoever it is, you are going along in life, you are doing all the right things, you mean well, you follow the rules, and bam! You are knocked on the head with something bad. Something that takes you out at the knees. You are left asking the question, “why me?” or “why … Continue reading

  • Feeling Stuck? A Common Mindset Block that Keeps You From Moving Forward

    (by Meredith Hill) I recently had the experience of working with a client who was a text book example of a common mindset block. You want to identify and eliminate mindset blocks because they keep you stuck struggling in your business. She was good at marketing and was doing a lot of the right things – a clear specialty and target market, … Continue reading

  • 4 Steps to Cleaning Your Clutter and Feeling Productive

    (by Meredith Hill) I have to be honest with you. There are mornings I dread going into my office and sitting down to work. When I have these days, I can guarantee my desk and office is a mess. It really annoys me that I let it get out of control, but I don’t have the time or energy to … Continue reading

  • Your Most Critical Tool for Filling Groups

    (by Meredith Hill) There are very few travel consultants I meet that don’t have a desire to either book or travel with groups. And why wouldn’t you? They are lucrative and can satisfy your never ending appetite for travel. However, putting together groups and filling them are two very different things. In my own experience, I spent many, many weeks putting together … Continue reading

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