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The Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs is THE place for travel advisors who want to stop guessing and start attracting lucrative clients that feed their passions and make their businesses fun again. By joining GIFTE, purchasing one of its products, or participating in its private and group coaching programs, you will finally connect the dots and get the clarity and focus you need to start attracting clients, money AND recognition doing the work you love so much. You can read some of our success stories here.

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Charging a Service Fee: When, Why and How Much???

Charging a service fee is one of the hottest topics within the GIFTE community. To people who have been in the industry for many, many years, charging a fee can feel foreign to them. Why would their clients begin paying a fee when they haven’t had to pay one for many years? Others fear that they wil [continue reading ...]

Why You Should “GYST” for 2017

“GYST” = Get Your Shi%$& Together If I were to ask you: What will be your total business expenses for 2016? What is your business’ total revenue goal for 2017? What is your business’ total sales goal for 2017? How will you market your business in 2017 to reach these goals? Do you h [continue reading ...]

Why Engagement is the Secret to Sales Conversion

There is a fundamental theory taught in GIFTE’s Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint (MMSTB) that results in growing a travel business very, very quickly. Most people are not applying this theory. How do I know? Because it’s rare to come across a business selling travel that is growing quickly (unles [continue reading ...]

The 1 Marketing Idea to Find and Connect With Luxury Travel Clients

I recently had someone ask me, “Meredith, can you please give me at least 1 marketing idea to find and connect with luxury clients?” It was during a presentation I was delivering about how to become a top producer with a luxury travel supplier. I could sense the exasperation in this person’s ques [continue reading ...]

The #1 Thing that is Stopping Your Success (and No One is Talking About it)

When I hit rock bottom in my travel business, at the end of 2005, I spent the next 5 years learning as much as I could about success.  I learned the predictable things, like success comes from a solid business plan, or you must deliver a product or service where demand exceeds supply.  And of course [continue reading ...]
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