Are You Blocking Abundance?

I recently had the experience of working with a client who was a text book example of a common mindset block. You want to identify and eliminate mindset blocks because they keep you stuck struggling in your business. She was good at marketing and was doing a lot of the right things – a clear specialty and […]

Speak THEIR Language, Not Yours

Remember the 2011 Tsunami in Asia? There was a post on Facebook the day after the terrible event that reminded me of a powerful marketing lesson…one that you can easily use to attract more and better clients in your travel business today. As you would expect on Facebook, there were hoards of messages of thoughts, prayers […]

7 Signs It’s Time to Get Help

I heard a statistic on a TV commercial that really caught my attention… “Online universities have an average graduation rate of 32%.” A graduation rate describes the percentage of students who complete their program at that institution. To me, 32% is very low, and surprising. Then it made me think about the completion rate of my […]

50+ Travel Professionals Attend Group Coaching Retreat in Jamaica

PRESS RELEASE Tel: (704) 464-3273 Email: 50+ Travel Professionals Attend Group Coaching Retreat in Jamaica Three-Day Event Focused on Increasing Agent Visibility in Travel Industry Travel Professionals from the U.S. and Canada gathered for three days at the Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa in Jamaica for an intensive business-building workshop hosted by the […]

3 Signs You Are Sacrificing Your Success

“When you live in your history, you sacrifice your destiny.” Bishop T.D. Jakes I opened the TESA Mastermind Retreat with this quote. Why? Because the travel professional is stuck living in his or her history. We do it in our personal lives too, without knowing it. Even the name we assign to the profession: travel agent is old, out-dated and defunct. A […]