When, Why and How to Turn Down Business

It happens to everybody. You take on a client you felt, deep in your gut, you should have turned away. Maybe it starts out well, but quickly, this client sucks the life out of you. He or she is demanding, nit picky, and clearly does not see your value. You find yourself lying awake at […]

Why You Are Stuck (and How to Get Un-Stuck)

In another article, “How to Discover the Successful Business Owner Within You” I shared that a very wise person once said to me, “Meredith, if you’ve been wanting something for a very long time and it hasn’t come to fruition yet, odds are, you have the wrong ‘part’ running the show in that segment of […]

GIFTE Workshop Gives Travel Agents More Than Skills

by Richard D’Ambrosio The trend of travel agents striking out on their own has accelerated dramatically in the past 10 years, leading to a rise in agents working from home, or with a partner or two. But the pressure of being a solo entrepreneur is hard to overcome sometimes. That’s why The Global Institute for […]

GIFTE Launches the 2017 Diamond Mastermind Program

PRESS RELEASE Contact: Caroline Hollar Tel: 704-464-3273 ext 114 Email: caroline@travelbusinessu.com GIFTE Launches the 2017 Diamond Mastermind Program Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs (GIFTE) is excited to launch the 2017 Diamond Mastermind Program on March 1, 2017. The Diamond Mastermind Program is an exclusive, high level, 10 month private coaching and mastermind program for entrepreneurs […]