3 Ideas for Attracting Luxury Travel Clients

Luxury travel can often feel like the holy grail. I remember when I first started in the travel business, I attended lots of travel shows.  I could not get enough of all the luxury travel products out there.  It was a feast for my senses walking past booth after booth of fabulous hotels, resorts, spas, cruises, airlines, etc.  I would leave the shows filled with enthusiasm to sell, sell, sell all these great travel products.  And then I would get home and get a travel inquiry for a budget beach vacation.  My hopes for selling that specialty cruise through the Norwegian Fiords would go right down the drain.  What was I thinking anyway?  I didn’t know anyone who spent that kind of money on travel so why would I believe I could attract clients that did?

Well, today I wish I could have told that inner critic to shut up. I am able to do this when my clients give me the same talk…”I live in a small town so I can’t sell luxury travel.”  Older and wiser now, I have learned that if you set the intention, the way will show up.  I finally did that several years ago, and great clients did show up.  So today, set the intention to sell those amazing travel products you’ve always dreamed of selling…and you never know who might call you in the future.

I also know that you must take action to make it happen. You can’t just sit and hope that good clients will show up.  That’s where marketing comes in.  Marketing is your momentum between your intention and your success.  So I want to share with you today a few “outside the box” ideas that will land you right in front of clients that purchase luxury travel.

1. Market to a specific profession

Put yourself in front of dentists or lawyers or any other profession that is known to pay well and find themselves traveling to annual conferences each year.  If you don’t know how to start, just open the phone book and send a letter to each and every office in the specific profession you have chosen.  Write the letter to address their specific needs and call yourself the travel expert to X profession.


2. Look to international markets for clients

Just because you live in the USA or Canada doesn’t mean you can’t work with clients from another country.  Consider marketing yourself in countries that are tax havens, like the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Bahamas.  Many affluent bankers reside in these places and they easily get “island fever.”  Or figure out a way to put yourself in front of some of the new millionaires in China.  Did you know that there are more millionaires in China than there are people in the USA???  And the noveau riche in China want to do things the way the Americans do it.


3. Help them celebrate Milestone Events

Market your services to people celebrating big milestone events, like a 50th or 60th birthday or families with children graduating from high school.  The beauty of this is that people can’t reschedule their 60th birthday and they are much more likely to splurge when it is a big event, so they are less budget conscious.  You get to be the wizard that creates the most incredible memories forever.  I teach you exactly how to do this, including getting a list of people celebrating specific milestone events in a very high income bracket, in my Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint.  To learn more, go here:  www.makemoneysellingtravel.com

Your Assignment:

Set the intention you will sell the luxury travel you have dreamed of selling for a long time.  Get crystal clear on what you want to sell and the clients you want to work with.  Then get out there and market.  Use one of the ideas above, or your own, but just start doing it.  And believe in your dream.

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