3 Red Flags In Your Travel Business You May Be Ignoring

I’ve been known to state that the greatest pollution on earth is not taking place in some massive, 3rd world city, half way around the world. The greatest pollution on earth is taking place within you. It’s called resistance.

If you are familiar with the cartoon character, PigPen from the Peanuts gang, you know that he walks around with a big, giant dust bubble around him. Well guess what? So do you! We all do! The quality of that energetic bubble has everything to do with the “vibe” you put out. The more dust in the bubble – the more resistance you are emanating.

If you are a travel business owner, it’s almost guaranteed you are emanating resistance in certain pockets of your business and life. Have you ever noticed that PigPen is oblivious to the dirt in his dust bubble? It’s also pretty much guaranteed that you are completely unaware of your resistance because it’s so subtle and chronic. And it’s invisible too. Don’t worry. It will get bigger and bigger until it gets your attention.

But rather than wait for a big crisis, I thought I would point out some red flags in your travel business that indicate you have resistance to release. If you do nothing, these 3 red flags will continue to gain momentum to the point that they might bring the business to its knees, or worse, your health to its knees. So let’s pre-empt the crisis by awakening to some red flags you might be ignoring.

Red Flag #1: Not Enough Ideal Clients

How do you know if you don’t have enough ideal clients? By far, the greatest indicator is the bottom line income of your business. If you are not making money or you’re making very little money – like not enough to support yourself or your family – you have the “not enough ideal clients” red flag showing up. Don’t go beating yourself up. Don’t jump into massive action yet. First, you need to clean up your energetic dust bubble – which I will get to after the other 2 red flags.

Red Flag #2: Business Overwhelm/Not Enough Time

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed by your business, its to-do list, or working far more hours than you should and still not getting everything done, you have this red flag going on – big time. And be honest with yourself! On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your stress level in your business? If you rate it over a 5 or 6, you need to take notice and put some focus on cleaning up your energetic bubble. I’ll tell you how after I share red flag #3.

Red Flag #3: Physical Health Issues

Maybe you’ve gained weight; maybe you keep getting sick; maybe you have a physical injury you can’t seem to heal, or maybe you’re chronically fatigued. Without a doubt, when resistance is active in your energy for an extended period of time, it will show up physically. Your body is communicating with you. Stop treating the symptoms and start treating the cause. Guess what the cause is? Chronic resistance on a certain subject.

How To Clean Up the Energetic Bubble?

The reason you have a dirty energetic bubble is you are a lazy focuser. In other words, you have become a habitual observer of “what is.” Most people go through life observing every single condition around them and let the conditions dictate how they feel. If the condition is good, you feel good and happy … and in control of your life. If the condition is unwanted or if you want a specific condition that doesn’t currently exist (like a bank account with $100,000 in it), you feel bad, or frustrated, or overwhelmed, or angry, or unworthy or hopeless.

The habitual observer tends to spend a majority of their waking hours focused on the absence of wanted or unwanted and never notice the negative emotion that comes along with this focus. Either way, this focus will result in resistance. Think about it – you pollute your energetic bubble with smoke each time you focus on something unwanted or the absence of something you really, really, really want but haven’t managed to make happen….like a big group booking.

Because we human beings are such fantastic observers and we’ve been taught to tell the truth and face our reality, it’s the “issues” in our lives that have most of our focus. For example, you might be happily married and have 2 of the most amazing kids, but your business isn’t attracting nearly enough ideal clients and you haven’t been able to get an affinity leader to say yes to your awesome river cruise idea. You really, really want your business to succeed. You really, really want to get a lucrative group and attract more clients that value your services and travel the way you want to send people into the world. You really, really want to make more money so you can contribute to your household income.

But if you have just 1 of these 3 red flags showing up in your business, I can almost guarantee your focus is not on what you want. It’s on the absence of what you want. Or your focus is on the unwanted. And this focus on your “issues” overshadows your focus on your awesome husband and 2 amazing kids.

So how do you clean up the dust bubble? First, you thank the red flag for showing up in your life. Remember that I said your energetic bubble is invisible? If it’s invisible, you can’t see it, right? So, the only way you know the condition of it is to check in with your emotions. How are you feeling? Many of us get so accustomed to subtle, chronic resistance, we don’t notice the negative emotion when it’s not severe. That means the other way you can determine the condition of your energetic bubble is to pay attention to what is showing up – like red flags.

Everything that is showing up in your life is an indicator of the vibe you are putting out. Stop pointing the finger at others, stop justifying where you are and start thanking the contrast that’s showing up as it’s communicating with you! Once you’ve thanked the red flag for showing up, commit to caring how you feel in every moment of the day.

Another way to think about this is to think of your focus as a radio tuner. If you are focused on unwanted things in your life, it’s like you are tuned to 95.1 FM but what you want is way up at 106.7 FM. You have the ability to tune to 106.7 FM, but it will require you to take your focus OFF 95.1 FM and ON to 106.7FM. It requires you to become a lot less lazy and a lot more deliberate in your focus. It will require you to find the feeling of love, joy, and happiness DESPITE the conditions. I promise you have the ability to do this. You just haven’t practiced it.

Another way to say it? Start telling yourself a new story. Shift your perspective. Remind yourself that nothing is happening to you, it’s all happening for you. Remind yourself that you don’t have to ask for what you want. You’ve already done that part. Now it’s time for you to relax, chill out and let the universe spoil, surprise and delight you with what’s waiting to burst. Perhaps that’s a fabulous group river cruise booking, or a consistent pipeline of ideal clients, or an abundance of commission checks with commas in them.

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a moment and can’t get out of it (thank you Bono for those words from your U2 song, “Stuck in a Moment You Can’t Get Out Of”)? If changing your focus, tuning to a new station, or telling a new story doesn’t result in you moving up the emotional scale and feeling better in a few moments, then it’s time to add 15-20 minutes of meditation to your daily rituals.

Daily meditation is simply the most effective form of mental hygiene. We brush our teeth and wash our hair and bodies on a daily basis, which means we are committed to our physical hygiene. So why are we not committed to our mental hygiene? Because we can’t SEE its results. But I will tell you why meditation is so important.

Meditation is so powerful because it stops the “chatter.” Every one of us have subjects in our lives where the momentum of the negative chatter is beyond control. This negative chatter drowns out the guidance you would be receiving if it didn’t exist.
Have you ever been to a very loud bar where the music is playing incredibly loud and you are trying to have a conversation with a friend you haven’t seen a long time? It’s frustrating right? No matter how much you focus on what your friend is saying, you still can’t hear her. What do you do? Leave the loud bar!!!

Meditating is like leaving the loud bar. There IS a path to what you want….ALWAYS. In fact, there are many paths to what you want. Your inner spirit, your higher source is trying so hard to communicate with you to show you your path. But the constant negative chatter that plays again and again in your head like a very loud, broken record prevents you from receiving the guidance. Meditation is the tool you have to slow down this momentum and ultimately silence it. A daily ritual of meditating 15-20 minutes will silence the chatter within 30 days. Try it.