3 Secrets to Architecting a Successful Travel Business

Secret #1: It all starts with a dream.

Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” –Robert Louis Stevenson

Martin Luther King, Jr was famous for his “I have a dream” speech. He’s not the only one that had a dream. We all have dreams….many of them. The conception point of every great business empire was an idea…a thought….a concept….which then grew into a dream.

You’ve heard this many times before and from countless people. But, I get it…you are skeptical because you don’t see the fruits of your labor and you have been dreaming for a long time. Believe me when I tell you that all great businesses began with a dream, including my own.

Several years ago, the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs was just an idea that grew into a dream, even a calling. My dream was to build a business around my brilliance – as a nest builder – and help people with a passion for travel. My dream was to build a “nest” that was the perfect, nurturing, uplifting and inspiring environment for these people from which to build their own successful travel businesses.   Seven or eight years later, I had the surreal moment of standing on stage to open GIFTE’s annual Book More Travel Workshop in front of 200+ people and came out to the song, “Welcome to My House.” So I can tell you from personal experience…it all starts with a dream.

Secret #2: Ask yourself why, not how.

“Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the purpose.” – Bo Sanchez

Often when we get a great idea that excites us, we jump immediately to trying to figure out the “how”, “when”, or “what.” We are programmed to believe in the power of taking action. There is very little power in un-inspired action. And the questions “how?” and “when?” are the quickest way to deflate your enthusiasm. When we ask the question, how, we find all kinds of problems with our idea, rather than solutions. When you hear yourself asking how or when, it’s your fear talking, not your inner spirit. It’s hard to maintain your enthusiasm when fear creeps in. Solutions can’t get in. Solutions come to you when you are in a state of enthusiasm, excitement and appreciation for your idea.

Rather than asking yourself “how will little old me take this idea and turn it into a reality?” ask yourself “why?” The question why helps direct your thoughts and emotions to the state of excitement and enthusiasm. These are the states that create the perfect soil for your seed to sprout.

Secret #3: Take Control of Your Emotional State

“Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but learning how to dance in the rain.” – Taylor Swift

Most people erroneously believe they can control conditions through action. So they expend immense amounts of energy taking action, often from a place of motivation and not inspiration. They might get some results from all this action but they also get drained. And chronic drain leads to sickness, disease and injury.

The only thing you can control is your emotional state. And when you control your emotional state by directing your thoughts into a positive emotion, despite any condition, you step into the receiving mode and the replenishing mode. These states create the energetic environment for your dreams to be realized. You become someone who creates your life by design, not by default. Controlling your emotional state is where all your power lies. Yes! You will discover your inner power and your worthiness when you learn how to control your emotional state. Simple Plan, the music group, says it best in its song, “Singing in the Rain,”

“Storm clouds are circling around,
But I won’t let that shi$@# drag me down.
So I’ll be singing, I’ll be singing, I’ll be singing in the rain.
I’ve got this song in my heart and I’m bullet proof,
There’s nothing in this world that’s going to kill this mood.”

When you get good at controlling your emotional state (i.e., bulletproof), you become the deliberate creator you came here to be.