4 Things to Prepare Your Business to Attract Millionaires and Billionaires

It’s not something I keep a secret.  When growing my travel business, one of my proudest accomplishments was attracting millionaires and billionaires as clients.  I am talking about people who were listed on Forbes’ list of the Richest People in America.

It was one of the smartest strategies we ever had – market to the cream of the crop because ironically, very few people are doing it, and even fewer are doing it well.  The million dollar question (no pun intended!) is…..How did we do it?

The most simple and accurate answer I have to that question is – you have to uplevel your business to uplevel the clients you attract.  I know you would like me to unravel a detailed, specific and wonderfully easy marketing plan.  But the real truth is that it’s about upleveling your business to attract clients in alignment with it.

And that is exactly what we did.  Many business owners have it the other way around.  They think they have to wait until they feel ready, until they feel like they can afford it, until they feel comfortable, until they have evidence before they take the courageous action to uplevel their business.

If you want success and growth and to get off the ugly, exhausting hamster wheel, you must uplevel your business first.  We upleveled our business, well before we felt ready, well before we felt we could afford it and well before the millionaire and billionaire clients started showing up.  In essence we acted as if.

So what do I mean by upleveling?  I will share with you 4 concrete and specific ways we upleveled our business BEFORE we attracted the most lucrative clients you could ever imagine.

1.   We Invested in our Business

We invested heavily in business education, NOT travel education. 
We invested in coaching, workshops, home study systems, etc to get clear direction on how to attract a specific target market.  An element of this was our ability to hang out with other business owners who were investing in themselves and on a similar entrepreneurial journey.

2.   We Invested in our People

We hired people to do things we were very capable of doing but finally realized were keeping us trapped.
At first, we hired a virtual assistant, but this grew into more people and bigger roles.  Every single hire we made, we did BEFORE we felt like we could afford it, but always came just before a big leap in revenues.

3.  We Paid Ourselves a Salary

This was probably one of the scariest things we did. 
It got embarrassing to be paying your people but not pay yourself a regular salary.  We finally bit the bullet one day and committed to a specific monthly salary.  Once we got into the habit, this fueled us.  We knew we had to generate a specific amount of cash flow each month to keep us going.  Of course cash flow for travel agents can be cyclical and variable, but we still managed to make it work by generating enough on a 12 month basis.

4.  We Held Regular Strategic Planning Meetings

It began one New Year’s Day. 
Together, my business partner and I met at a pub and decided to map out the upcoming year to establish big goals with a pathway to meeting them.  By the end of the year, we had exceeded them.  We realized we were onto something with this meeting thing.  Without that meeting and the monthly tracking of our performance relative to our goals, I doubt we ever would have exceeded them.  It was one of our best years.  So we made a commitment to hold regular planning meetings.  At first they were annual, but then they were more often.  It doesn’t matter.  Just the discipline of doing it makes a huge difference.

Your Assignment:

Go through these 4 concrete actions and give yourself a grade on how well you are upleveling your business and preparing it for the growth you could see.  If you are doing all 4 out of 4 and not getting the growth, then maybe you need to stretch yourself more…pay yourself a bigger salary, hire more people or replace some, etc.  If you are doing any less than all 4, decide which actions you will put in place in your business this month.  Then layer in the rest and watch the magic happen!

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