5 Business Building Tips I Learned From a Top Producing Realtor

A few years ago, I found something colorful on my front doorstep. It was a blue bag. As I went to collect it and see what it was, I also found a business card with a handwritten note attached. The note said, “G’day! Sorry I missed you. Please enjoy the goodies.” It was signed, “Lawrie.”

Inside the bag were 2 “to go” coffee mugs with a Lawrie Lawrence Real Estate logo. There was also a brochure about this real estate agency. The brochure was actually a letter about this guy’s story and it went like this….

He recently relocated his family from Australia. In Aussie, he had a super successful real estate agency. So successful, that he was able to take an entire year off and travel throughout America in an RV with his wife and 3 kids – a dream they had been planning for years. Throughout their journey, he always said to his family that if they found a town in America they equally fall in love with, he would move them there. As they rolled into Mooresville, NC, they in fact did fall in love. Every single one of them. Lawrie kept his promise and that’s why they are here. He’s starting over from scratch to make a life for his family in this lovely part of the world.

My immediate reaction was wow, what a beautiful story. How touching that they picked my town over any other town they visited in the United States. A split second later, my reaction was, “this guy is a marketing genius! He sucked me right in and he got me!” But that’s because I love marketing and I love to study it.

In the few years since I have silently watched him continue to market his real estate business. He faithfully shows up in my mailbox every 2 or 3 weeks with a colorful oversized postcard. He also sends letters which inform me of the home sales and listings in my neighborhood. I watched as his “for sale” signs popped up on neighbors lawns and now a lot more frequently. I watched as a big sign with his name showed up on a prominent new office building, about 2 miles from my house. And I almost took pride in his most recent mailings announcing his top selling status for my neighborhood with the numbers to back it up.

This perfect stranger, whom I still have not met (although his son played a lead opposite my daughter last Christmas in “Miracle on 34th Street”) has amazed me with his ability to go from zero to top seller, and establish himself in the community in a very short amount of time. What a great lesson for all of us service-based entrepreneurs. If he can do it, you can build a successful travel business!

Here are the top 5 tips I learned from Lawrie Lawrence:

1. He had a story.

It was a really good story that tugged at my heartstrings and made me feel like I liked him because he liked my town. In reality, we ALL have a story. What’s yours? Dig down deep and you will discover it.

2. He shared his story. 

A lot of us are very aware of our story, but we don’t share it. We have to be willing to get out there and share it. This guy went door to door to share it. What are you doing to share your story?

3. He invested in marketing.

I know those direct mail campaigns are not cheap. I can tell by the quality of his postcards, he is not skimping and is investing a lot of money in staying top of mind with myself and my neighbors.

4. He is consistent with his marketing.

He probably didn’t get great results immediately after sending his first campaign. But he has never let up. Like I said earlier, he faithfully shows up in my mailbox every 2 or 3 weeks. There has never been a break in this. He just keeps marketing.

5. He is willing to brag about his success.

People want to do business with people who are successful – not losers. But for some reason, we are taught that it’s rude to brag about our success. If you want people to seek you out, you must start bragging about your own success. This is a big one for me that I am still working on, but I’ve learned that when you have a success, no one else is going to be your advocate.


What I love about Lawrie Lawrence’s success is that he has used traditional, old fashioned marketing techniques in this fast paced, technological world, and still managed to find success. He probably has embraced social media and other cutting edge marketing techniques, but the ones that are working for him are the good old fashioned ones. So, what are you doing to discover your story, share it, invest in your marketing, market consistently and brag about your success? Good thoughts to consider and inspire you to get yourself out there.

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