5 Tips for Bridal Show Success

Bridal shows can be a very productive marketing tool. They can also be one big waste of time and money if you don’t do them correctly. If you have never done one before, the concept can be very daunting and stop you from taking the plunge.

In the spirit of helping you become more productive with this excellent marketing tool, here are 5 tips to getting great results from your next bridal show:

1. Sell solutions and dreams (and tug at emotional triggers). Don’t sell products. For example, Home Depot sells ¾ inch drills but the do-it-yourselfer wants a 3/4-inch hole. Did you get that? He wants the hole, not the drill. So sell the hole. Sell the dream. What do brides want? To ease their stress. To have the perfect honeymoon or destination wedding. To feel important. To feel special. To experience romance. To be treated like a princess. Create a powerful message (elevator speech) around your ability to make that happen and focus less on the products themselves. Here’s a great shortcut to a solution oriented elevator speech: “I help X do Y so that Z.” Just fill in the blanks with X, Y and Z. Like this: I help brides feel like the princess they deserve to be so they can have the most romantic, memorable honeymoon ever.

2. Dress for success! If you want to attract high end clients, then you must dress for success too. Don’t wear jeans. Put on a suit or professional looking outfit.

3. Offer a limited number of complimentary, “getting acquainted” consultations. On a clipboard, create a list of actual appointment times and get visitors at your booth to sign up for one of them. Tell them you normally charge $150 for these appointments, but as a special offer to attendees of XXXX bridal show, you have opened up 10 free consultations and ask them if they would like to take advantage of 1 of them while there are still slots available.

4. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. Every other vendor at the show will probably send the exact same email. Make sure your follow up stands out. Be different by creating a follow up SEQUENCE, not a follow up email. In other words, follow up multiple times.

5. Prepare your follow up sequence BEFORE the event so that when the event is over, there is little for you to do to get your follow up sequence out.

Investing time, effort and money in a bridal show is a big step. Do it correctly and bridal shows could be one of your best marketing tools.


Follow all 5 tips at your next bridal show. Don’t do them half heartedly. Commit to all 5 and do them with excellence. For extra credit, add your own tips. You will be surprised at your results.


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