5 Tips to Get Your Mindset in Shape for 2017

As we ring in another year, the focus on getting in shape is yet again in the spotlight. But the focus is always on getting into physical shape. When it comes to being successful in your travel business and realizing your hopes and dreams in 2017, the key is getting your mindset in shape. I like the term, “emotional fitness” which I first heard from Tony Robbins. My personal definition of emotional fitness (that I coined in this article, CLICK HERE) is, “the ability to generate positive feelings despite the conditions around you.”

Why is getting your mindset in shape the key to realizing your success? Because it’s the only thing you can control. More important, within your mindset resides a power that is almost never fully tapped. While the Law of Attraction might be an overused and totally misunderstood term, it’s as real and unwavering as the Law of Gravity. Learning how to tap into and leverage your inner power is the secret to your success.

Similar to getting your physical body in shape, getting your mindset in shape requires regularity, commitment, focus and doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not like a degree, i.e. something you accomplish over time and then have forever. But the reward of emotional fitness is awareness and understanding. Maintaining it becomes completely natural over time.

Emotional fitness is a simple, 2-step process. Step 1 is becoming aware of your emotions at every moment of the day. Step 2 is controlling them, which isn’t always possible when triggered and there is a lot of momentum on a certain subject.  Controlling your emotions is possible when you catch yourself at an early stage in a thought spiral. This is exactly why emotional fitness is a practice. As you get further and further into your practice, controlling your emotions gets easier and easier and attainable.

As you begin a new year in your business, here are my top 5 tips for a solid emotional fitness plan resulting in a super fit mindset to realize all your hopes and dreams.

1.  Create a list of activities that get you into a “feel good” place
This is a simple task and may seem useless, but it’s actually very helpful. Examples of activities on my list include petting my dog, watching cute or funny pet videos on YouTube, and listening to uplifting music. Put at least 10 activities on your list, but set a goal to get to 50. Share your list with others because it’s a great way to grow your own list. Once you have your list, it’s a helpful go-to when you find yourself in a not-so-good-feeling place. It’s also a great list to use when you have “down-time” like when waiting in line or driving in traffic, and want to consciously raise your emotional state.

2.  Meditate for 15-20 minutes a day
The flow of breath in and out of your body is the physical manifestation of the God-source flowing through you. Taking 15-20 minutes per day to focus on this breath is the most effective way to release resistance and raise your emotional state.

3.  Choose to focus on the good, not the bad
Because everything is working out for you and everything happens FOR you (not TO you), there is good in even the most unpleasing situations. And if you can’t find the good in an unpleasing situation, choose to focus on something else entirely (this is why it’s good to have that list.)

4.  Only take action from a place of inspiration
Believe it or not, procrastination is your wise inner self telling you that you’re not in the right state of mind to act or make a decision. Remember that list? Go get it. Spend 15-20 minutes getting yourself into a higher state and then when you feel inspired, take that action or make that decision.

5.  Enjoy the journey
While keeping your eyes on the road ahead and not the ground beneath your feet is very important, it’s also important to enjoy the journey to that destination. If there is no joy in the journey, there will be no joy in the destination. Think about this: when you plan a fabulous European vacation for yourself and review the itinerary – London, Paris, Barcelona, and Florence, you don’t decide to cancel the trip because your starting point and ending point (your home) are the same. Just like you go on a vacation for the experiences, you chose this life on earth for the experiences too, NOT the accomplishments or feathers in your cap. Be easy on yourself. Let go of the oars. Savor the moments. Enjoy the journey.