6 Tips to Video Marketing – Making it Easy, Affordable and Doable to Attract Great New Business

Video is becoming THE success mode for marketing. In travel, it’s necessary. And what’s so exciting is that you no longer need a huge ad budget, nor a lot of technical expertise to create great videos.

In this article, I explain the equipment you need to record your own videos and then 3 different ways to use videos without too much time or effort.

What equipment do I need?

A great video camera that takes high quality videos is no longer expensive. Here are the 3 key things you will need if you will be recording videos of yourself:

1) A simple video camera. Cameras like the Flip are small, super easy to use, take great quality, HD videos AND affordable. For example, The Flip Ultra HD is only $99.99. When buying a camera, make sure you get one with a built in USB arm so you can upload your videos straight to YouTube or your computer. (All Flip cameras have this)

If you plan on doing a LOT of videos with you speaking in front of the camera, consider finding a video camera with an external microphone jack. You will have to spend more like $180 for one of these.

2) Good light. Natural daylight is best. So go outside if you can. A little secret tip for supplementing the light in your home is to purchase an industrial light from the hardware store. These are the lights painters use when painting new construction. These lights cost about $20 and add a lot of great, natural light to a room.

3) Video Editing Software. Don’t freak out here. You can be a complete newbie to video and make small, easy edits to your video. Your video camera will come with its own video editing software. However, if you have a Mac, then you are in luck. I just purchased a Mac and LOVE the video editing software that comes with all Macs, called iMovie.

As you can see from the above list, getting yourself properly equipped doesn’t have to cost much. It’s a very low investment for a marketing tool that can be a huge reward.

What Videos Should I Make?

Now that you are equipped with the right tools, what videos should you make? Here are 3 Different types of videos you can use to market your business:

1) Expert Status Videos – Hopefully you know how important it is to establish yourself as an expert. A fabulous way to reinforce your expert status is to make a list of the top 10, most frequently asked questions, you get for your niche.

For example, when I was an Africa travel specialist, here are some of the most common questions I would get from prospects:

When is the best time of year to travel to Africa?

What shots will I need to get?

How much will it cost to travel to Africa?

How long should my trip be?

How do I get there?

And the list could go on. Once you have a list of the 10 most common questions your clients ask about your niche, record yourself answering each question. Do 1 video per question.

You don’t want your expert status videos to be more than 3 minutes, so answering one question in a video will typically take about 60 seconds to three minutes. Just be sure you begin by introducing yourself, and how you help clients. Then move on with saying something like “You know, one of the most common questions I get is….” And then answer the question. Finish the video by saying “Bye for now.” And wa-la! You have your first expert status video.

Commit to doing this once a day or once a week and soon, you will have a entire collection of expert status videos. Post your videos on YouTube as well as your own site. Share them on Facebook. Get yourself out there.

2) Product Review Videos. As a travel advisor, you have so much information about travel products contained in your head. Get it out of your head and into the virtual world by creating product review videos.

Make a list of your favorite hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour operators, etc. What products would you like to sell more of that you have experienced yourself? Get your video camera out and record a product review of each one.

Once again, you don’t want your videos to be much longer than 3 minutes, so be short and sweet. Then post your videos on YouTube, Facebook LinkedIn, etc. Put them on your site so you continue to establish yourself as an expert.

3) Inspirational Videos – Planting seeds with your clients about future travel and tapping into their emotions by showing them what’s possible is a great way to generate new business. With inspirational videos, YOU don’t need to be in front of the camera!

Stories sell. So write an imaginary story (this is called scripting it out) and then find photos that illustrate your story. For example, write a story about an engaged couple who dreamed of a destination wedding in Hawaii. Script out the story with photos of where the bride got ready, where she walked down the aisle, what the guests saw while watching the bride and groom exchange vows, and then the party afterwards. Use photos to illustrate it all.

Now here’s an awesome secret tip for creating a video like this. If you know how to use PowerPoint, you can create a professional looking video with photos and your voice.

There is a great product called Camtasia that records your screen and your voice. So all you have to do is create a powerpoint slide show with your photos and read your script while Camtasia records both. The recording is a video.

Even if you don’t like the thought of being in front of the camera, you now have no excuses to avoid video.


If you don’t have a video camera yet, go buy one. Then start recording videos today. Start small. They won’t be perfect but just do it. Eventually, you will get good at it. And you will attract great new business.

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