7 Signs It’s Time to Get Help

I heard a statistic on a TV commercial that really caught my attention… “Online universities have an average graduation rate of 32%.” A graduation rate describes the percentage of students who complete their program at that institution. To me, 32% is very low, and surprising.

Then it made me think about the completion rate of my own students who have invested in the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint program (MMSTB). If I am completely honest, based upon conversations I have had with my own students, I am guessing the completion rate would be even lower than 32%.

Why is it so low? I can’t give you a scientifically proven answer, but I can give you my gut. When left to our own devices, we don’t get it done. Plain and simple.

This is not a criticism. It’s just human nature. Stuff, life, and things get in the way. But it underscores the importance of finding support and live interaction. When I guess at the completion rate for the MMSTB, I am referring to people who have invested in that alone and are not actively involved in one of our coaching programs. In contrast, the completion rate for the students in our coaching programs is at least double, but probably triple of those not in the program.

Tony Robbins teaches that when you struggle to complete a goal, it’s rarely because of a lack of strategy. Think about the obesity problem in the United States as an example. No one can argue that we have a lack of weight loss strategy in this country. So why do we have an obesity problem? There are two reasons I believe are at the root – mindset and lack of support.

I’ve written a lot about mindset, but what about support? When should you get support and what does good support look like?

Here is a list of signs that it’s time to get support:

  1. You have invested in, but haven’t completed the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint; (Please do not make the foolish, but common mistake that you must complete this program before you get involved in a coaching program. The coaching program will help you to finally complete it and make it more meaningful.)
  2. You are no longer enjoying the journey of entrepreneurship;
  3. Your spouse, significant other, or other family and friends have no clue how stressful it can be to run your business;
  4. You keep attracting the same type of frustrating clients, or you keep encountering the same lesson over and over;
  5. You can sense the greatness that lies within you, but have no idea how to bring it out and let it shine;
  6. On a daily basis, you find yourself wishing you could ask someone how to do something or get advice on something, and your friends and family will not be able to answer it.
  7. When you have a big or little win, you want to celebrate, but no one close to you really “gets” it.

If you test positive for at least 4 of the 7 signs above, then it’s time. So what does good support look like? Here are some guidelines:

  1. Good support should include both a leader and members (not just members with no leader);
  2. The leader should be a mentor who has a successful track record of completing the kinds of goals you are looking to accomplish;
  3. Requires an investment. The problem with “free” support groups is that members show up when it’s convenient. They are not committed. You want to be involved in a support system where other members are as committed as you.
  4. Includes both online and offline interaction. In other words, there should be live interaction interspersed with electronic interaction. Live interaction is critical.
  5. Members are on a similar path – so they “get” you.

If you are wondering where to find a good support system, the GIFTE programs are a good place to start. Our Travel Entrepreneurs Success Academy (TESA) is a group coaching program with a minimum 6 month commitment. TESA is the key to unlocking your entrepreneurial spirit and it’s currently open for enrollment. To learn more, just CLICK HERE. There are many other support programs available to you and I encourage you to check them all out before picking the one that’s best for you.


If you are struggling with something in your business or your life, go through the list of signs that it’s time to get support. If you test positive to at least 4 of the signs, then seriously consider finding a support system. When you find some options, see if they follow the guidelines outlined above. Take the leap of faith and join that program. You won’t look back.

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