Applying a Love and Passion Lesson to Your Travel Business

ezine11_18_clip_image002With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I think it’s a great time to connect the dots between relationship wisdom and building a business selling travel. One of the marketing experts GIFTE featured in a Monthly Marketing Expert class is Stacey Martino, the Love and Passion Coach, What does love and passion have to do with building a travel business? More than you might think!

Stacey is famous for saying, “a magnificent love affair is created not found. So stop searching and start building.” In step 2 of her 8-step system, her clients learn the importance of and how to shift their level of love. She teaches that most of us operate from a “Level 2” love in our relationships. Level 2 love goes like this: “I will give you this and then you can give me that.” Level 2 love is very much a partnership. It operates on a give and take philosophy. “I give and then you will give.” There is a sense of fairness and balance to level 2 love.

Sounds like a great way to live, right? Wrong. Level 2 love sabotages relationships. Why? Because partners inevitably end up keeping score. It’s impossible for the score to ever be equal and each partner always feels like they are on the losing side. A relationship cannot thrive in this environment. It might survive, but it won’t be happy. The antidote to a toxic, keeping-score environment is to shift into a level 3 love.

When operating from a level 3 love, the scorecard is thrown out the window and partners come from a place of tapping into the love within them to give love without expectation. Instead of coming from a place of “what can I get from this relationship?” partners operate from a place of “what can I give?” Stacey challenges her clients to spend 3 months exercising their level 3 love muscle, even if their partner isn’t following her system, and to watch the incredible transformation. What they realize is that level 3 love is far more fulfilling once the muscle is strengthened because there is a never-ending source of love within each of us and we are in control of tapping into it. We don’t need to wait around for others to give us what we want or behave in a way that makes us feel better.

This is a great lesson and can have a tremendous positive impact on a marriage. But the concept of Level 3 love can also be applied to business with a wonderful, positive outcome. Specifically in marketing. I see a lot of business owners motivated to market from a level 2 space and constantly keeping score.

For example, clients have said to me, “Meredith, I sent my ezine every week for 2 solid months and didn’t get 1 inquiry.” Or “I followed your 3-part direct mail campaign, and didn’t get 1 booking.” They are marketing so they can “get” more business, more clients, more bookings, more money, etc. They are bringing their level 2 love wiring to their business.

What if you took Stacey’s 3-months-of-Level-3-love-challenge in your business to exercise your Level 3 love muscle? This would mean reaching out to your clients and prospects just because you want to “share the love.” This would mean doing things for your clients, just because it feels good. This would mean marketing and nurturing relationships with no expectations. Imagine what that would do for your business. Worth a shot, don’t you think?

Your Assignment: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I challenge you to 3-months of level 3 love in your travel business. See what happens and share with us. For inspiration, read Bob Burg’s “Go Givers Sell More.”

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