Are You Digging for Your Gold with a Children’s Sand Shovel?

Working with a private coaching client recently, my parting words to her were, “you now know how far your gold is – it’s time to stop using the children’s sand shovel and start using an industrial sized shovel.” It occurred to me that this is a common blind spot for many business owners. You can get so caught up in the day-to-day, taking every piece of business you can to “get ahead,” finding yourself always busy with busy work and not realize you are actually following a path that will NEVER lead you to your goal.

So, how do you avoid this? How do you put down the children’s sand toy and pick up a much larger, more powerful shovel? I will share with you the 5 steps I suggest to doing this.

1. Get Aligned

This step may feel a little frustrating to those of you ready to jump into action, but my first piece of advice is to NOT act. In other words, my advice is to slow down, quiet the noise and line up with what you want. Albert Einstein’s greatest inspiration came during his “power naps.” There is a reason for this. Adopt your own daily ritual for getting aligned with your greatest desires for your business.

2. Identify the Size of Your Gold

I see so many business owners blindly going after making money with no idea how much money they want or need to make to keep their business afloat. Establish how much money your business needs to run. Then establish an ultimate goal of how much you want to make after covering your business running expenses. Get clear on the size of your gold.

3. Measure the Distance Between You and Your Gold

Once you know the size of your gold for which you are digging, you have a clear idea of how far you are from it. Don’t worry if it’s a long distance. Knowing the distance is a critical piece to growing your business. For example, if you need to grow your business by 10% to get to your ultimate gold, then you only need to make some tweaks to what you are currently doing. But if you want to triple your business to get to your ultimate gold, you will need to make some major changes to what you are doing. You will finally have clarity on what business is serving you and what clients are not getting you closer at all. The airline ticket that nets you $25 doesn’t serve your path to tripling your business. You must put your focus on other types of business.

4. Pick Your Marketing Vehicles

This is precisely how you put down the children’s sand toy. Now you know where you are going, how far you have to go, put all your resources into the marketing vehicles that will get you there. Establish your marketing plan and follow it with faith.

5. Measure Your Progress

Don’t worry if you are not keeping up with your goals immediately. The act of measuring your progress is a huge up-leveling of your financial mindset. It’s when you step into the shoes of a business owner making a lot more money than you are making right now. You have to act the part before it shows up. So act the part by regularly tracking your results.

Your Assignment:

If you can relate to this article and feel like you might be digging for gold with a puny shovel, it’s time to reassess. Go through these 5 steps. If you want help and guidance taking you through these 5 steps, then check out GIFTE’s Travel Business Consulting Programs by CLICKING HERE. This is exactly what we do with business owners ready to take their business to the next level.


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