Are You Throwing Money at the Problem?

Building your business, acquiring better clients, and making more money are certainly good goals. But how you get there often requires incredible personal development. We may want success, but deep down, we may not believe we deserve it. The only way to get success is to be willing to grow within, believe you deserve it and expect it. Instead of going through that transformation, many of us avoid it like the plague and fall into the trap of believing success will come from outside sources. Throwing money at a website, marketing tools or employees is a common symptom of this.

How do I know? I have lived it myself. When I first started the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs, 40 months ago, I was excited, had great vision, but I was also oblivious to the fact that deep down, I didn’t believe I deserved success. I wanted my new business to succeed – really badly. A lot was on the line since I had just left a very successful travel business, a decision a lot of people would have viewed as frivolous.

In all honesty, I was impatient. I wanted the success of this new business to happen immediately, and deep down, I didn’t believe I could make it happen so quickly. What did a do? I made a rookie mistake. I threw money at it. I invested in someone I thought would make my marketing successful.

Now I am all for delegating. But what I overlooked is the fact that you should delegate your weaknesses…not your strengths. Marketing is my strength, my passion, and what I eat, breathe and sleep….it’s also what I teach. So for me to pay someone to do my marketing was crazy!

But I am glad I went through this because I have learned to detect when I am throwing money at something because I am not believing in my power. In essence, I was trying to give my power away. The growth that I had to go through was to realize that I am good at marketing…really good and NObody can market MY business better than me. I also learned what I SHOULD delegate. Once I made this shift, it was easy for me to believe I deserved the success I was hoping for. And when you believe it, you also expect it. That’s when it will show up.

At GIFTE, I offer higher level group and private coaching programs. The investment in these programs is significant. When I see a client considering a program for the wrong reason – in other words, they are not believing in their power and think that if they throw money at my program everything will be OK – I have a conversation with them. I don’t want their power and it’s not my job to take it.

So many clients come to me believing my job is to tell them how to market and grow their business. But that’s not my job. The truth is that those answers lie within each and every client, not me. Yes, that means YOU! The answers to your success are hidden within you. My job is to show you how to access those answers. My job is to shine the light on your pathway and show you how to access your inner power to get you to your utmost potential.


Most people don’t own their power, preferring to give it away to someone else. Are you trying to give your power away to someone? If so, the big question is this: What is the lesson you are avoiding? When you try to give your power away to someone else, there is a lesson trying to show itself and you are not stepping up to the plate to embrace the lesson. You are avoiding it. Identify the lesson and face it. So many things will open up.

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