Are You Trying to “Wing It” on Free?

There was a time in my travel business where I found myself attracting clients that wanted every discount, upgrade and freebie possible. You know who I am talking about – it’s the client that calls you to book a 3-night hotel stay were the 3rd night is free and they want you to book their flight with credit card points…so the flight is free too!

I was so frustrated by this. I kept asking myself why do I seem to be the magnet for every single “el-cheapo” out there? And then I had an “a-ha” moment. I was listening to a talk show on the radio where the announcer said to the person asking a question, “You get what you give. So if you don’t like what you are getting, then you’ve gotta stop giving it.”

I actually had to pull my car over onto the side of the road and think about that. I had been asking myself why I was attracting such budget-conscious clients and the radio announcer just answered my question. The answer was – I had to stop being so budget conscious myself.

Me – budget conscious? No. Not me! I wasn’t being budget conscious. Or was I? Well, there was the car we just purchased where I shopped around and negotiated the guy down further than he’d ever gone. Then there were the flights I had just purchased with points. And then in my business, since I wasn’t making much, I was refusing to spend anything so I could keep my expenses as low as possible. I would find free webinars on marketing and client attraction and soak up every word, but when it came to purchasing a product, I ran for the hills insisting to myself that I could’t afford it. After a good, honest self-assessment, I had to admit that I was putting that vibe out there and thus I was getting it back. The radio announcer was right!

I made the decision right there and then to test his theory and stop giving what I didn’t want to get. I went back to the marketing expert who was selling a home study system for $500 and paid full price. I had missed the early bird discount of $200. I made the conscious decision to NOT ask them to extend the discount for me because I wanted to attract people who were willing to pay full price.

I kid you not, within 3 days, I had a client come to me with credit card in hand and booked a lucrative, 7-night stay at a Four Seasons in the Caribbean. He payed full price even though there was a 30% off promotion at the competing resort right next door with availability.

I learned a great lesson and never looked back. From then on, I committed to investing in myself, putting skin in the game and stop being so budget conscious. Over the next several years, I invested a lot more than $500 in my marketing and business education, but it’s always paid off. It is no coincidence that the year I invested over $40,000 in a mastermind AND hired a full time booking agent, I saw the greatest growth in my sales and stumbled upon millionaires and billionaires as clients.

How would you like that to happen for you in your business? Maybe it’s time to change your behavior. For example, you might be attending lots of free webinars but never purchasing a product, or going on fam trips because they are free. Or, you might be investing a small amount but not willing to take that bigger leap out of fear, even though your heart is telling you to do it. Be honest with yourself. Is it time to stop.


Remind yourself everyday that you get what you give. If you don’t like what you are getting, then you must stop giving it. Figure out how you are giving what you don’t like and start giving what you want. If you want to attract big spenders who don’t care about budget and trust your services, figure out how you can invest in yourself today. Maybe it’s a GIFTE program, maybe it’s a personal trainer, or maybe it’s a smaller, baby step, like a book. Whatever it is, take the action and take the leap of faith and see how it shows up for you.

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