Building Your Business from the Inside Out

“Your real job on Earth is to find out what you were meant to be doing and to find a way to do that thing.” —Oprah Winfrey

As humans, we all have a deep, burning desire for one thing, which starts out as a quiet whisper underneath the desire for money, fame, health, love, etc. But that whisper will eventually get louder, and what it’s calling you to do is to make a difference. You came to this earth with talents and gifts so incredibly full of potential.  Find your purpose, commit to following it, and abundance will appear.

I began my own life purpose quest about 5 years ago. For a long time, I looked outside and believed someone could tell me my purpose.  I read countless books, discovered numerology, asked friends what they thought, got readings from psychics and hired a therapist to put her finger on it.  While all of these things helped a great deal and I was closer than ever before, I still felt empty handed.

My turning point came when I attended a workshop about something else entirely. There was a guest speaker who spoke on discovering your life purpose.  In the 2 hours he spoke, he taught us how to pull it out of ourselves.  And that was my big lesson.  As long as you look to someone else to tell you your purpose, you won’t find it.  You MUST discover it yourself.  You can get help from others, like I did which will push you further down your path, but the final answer will come from you.

Thanks to that workshop, I walked away knowing that my purpose is to create environments to guide people out of a state of feeling trapped. Once I knew that, I made changes in my life so I could go and “do that thing.”  That’s when Safari2Success was born (which became GIFTE) and my eventual departure from Hills of Africa Travel occurred.

So how do you find your purpose when you don’t know it? Begin by connecting with your passions. Your passions are your clues to the real, authentic you, underneath the many roles you play day in and day out. Your passions are your GPS to your life purpose.  Do you remember your passions? Many people haven’t. Travel is probably one of them, but you have to dig deeper.

Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you identify your passions and get you closer to discovering your life purpose:

  1. What section of the book store do you head to first?
  2. What do people always ask you for help with?
  3. Whom do you admire?  Their purpose may be very close to yours
  4. What activities do you find yourself in when time flies?

You MUST identify your life purpose yourself so here are some great resources to get you started:

  1. “True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You are Meant to Make” by Tim Kelly  (Tim Kelly is the speaker that ultimately helped me identify my own life purpose)
  2. “The Instruction:  Living the Life Your Soul Intended”, by Ainslie MacLeod
  3. “Do What You Are:  Discover the Perfect Career for You through the Secrets of Personality Type” by Barbara Barron-Tieger

It is a disservice to hoard your talents and gifts. It’s your duty to discover your purpose and build your business around that so you can share it with the world. Think about this: there are people losing sleep at night because they need YOUR help and only YOU can help them.

Here are some examples of people that can’t sleep at night and might be in need of your help:

  • The divorced dad who desperately misses his kids because he no longer has full custody. He feels emotionally disconnected from them and doesn’t know how to bridge that bond again. Two or three well-planned family vacations would fit the bill, don’t you think?
  • The young widow who is courageously moving on with life. Travel is one of her passions, but she hasn’t even considered a trip now that she is alone. She doesn’t know who to travel with. This is a tribe waiting to happen, and the intelligent travel consultant reading this post who resonates with this “need” will drop everything and start forming a network for widowed, yet still adventurous, travelers who want to travel but don’t want to do it alone.


Begin the quest of discovering your purpose today.  People need your gifts.  They are missing life and not living it to the fullest because you are not there helping them. Look at how many people you can help, rather than how many clients you can get, and start marketing to those people. Your business will thrive, and so will you. Commit to your niche and your marketing, make it a part of your everyday routine, and those who need your help will appear.

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