Olympic Style Results for Your Travel Business

Seeing people at their fullest potential fascinates me. That’s why I love the Olympics.  But what’s the difference between the gymnast who wins the gold and the gymnast who doesn’t even make it to the Olympics?  Or the swimmer who didn’t qualify 4 years earlier, but then comes back to win a gold medal and […]

Your Success is Closer than You Think

How badly do you want success?The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who continue to struggle is that the first set of people are willing to do whatever it takes – even if it’s inconvenient, even if it’s uncomfortable, even if it costs money. Let me tell you about my au pair, […]

The Lesson of Valleys

I admit it. Today, I feel like giving up. And that’s the honest truth. Will I give up? No. But I want you to know there are days where I feel I can’t do it anymore…try any harder, squeeze out another dime to support my family. (And I went through these days when I was […]

Using Gratitude to Boost Your Business

Coming from a place of lack will kill your business. But as human beings, we fall pretty easily into it. “I can’t afford that.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “That is so expensive!” “Who would pay good money for that?” I found myself in that place of lack very often. Then, 2 years ago, something […]

The Dirty Little Secret of the Travel Business

You may have heard that adopting a successful mindset is a major factor to your success. Perhaps it’s the only factor since your mindset drives everything else. But what does that really mean, to lead with a successful mindset? In the day-to-day of life and business, how does one maintain a successful mindset? I spent a long […]