The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Travel Business

Have you ever heard someone say their ideal clients are the “1 percenters?” What they are referring to is the the most affluent subset of our population. In other words, those people whose net worth is greater than 99% of the rest. As a mentor to travel entrepreneurs, that’s a great ideal client to have. […]

Is It Time to Move Beyond the Cookie Cutters?

I remember when I first started my travel business feeling so overwhelmed and confused by how to market. My specialty was Africa and attracting my ideal clients felt like finding a needle in a haystack. After several years of immersing myself in “client attraction” education, I finally figured it out. The first thing I can […]

3 Blind Spots that Might Be Sabotaging Your Success

As an entrepreneur, you must have a vision. Why? You can’t take a journey if you don’t know where you are going. Along the way, it’s inevitable you will encounter moments when your view is obstructed…otherwise known as a “blind spot.” So maybe the secret to success is to identify your blind spots so you […]

How Much Are You Giving Away?

Ahhhhhh, numbers! If I had a dollar for each travel professional that told me they are not good at their financials, I would be on a beach in Hawaii right now. The funny thing is that you don’t have to be good at numbers to be on top of your financials. You just have to […]

The Dirty Little Secret of the Travel Business

You may have heard that adopting a successful mindset is a major factor to your success. Perhaps it’s the only factor since your mindset drives everything else. But what does that really mean, to lead with a successful mindset? In the day-to-day of life and business, how does one maintain a successful mindset? I spent a long […]