5 Tips to Getting Facebook to Work For You

by Lori Hardegree, Magical Memories Travel Facebook has become a staple of most of our lives. With more than 1 billion (with a B!) users worldwide, it’s become a go-to source for connection and information for a huge number of people. Did you know the average person checks their Facebook news feed about 7 times […]

5 Steps to Simplifying Your Facebook Strategy

   A client recently asked me, “Why isn’t my Facebook activity working?” After digging deeper into how she defined “working” – building a following and getting bookings, neither of which were happening for her – I realized that the mistakes she was making are very common, especially amongst the travel advisor community. Many people jump […]

How to Get Endless Referrals

As a professional travel consultant, one of the most efficient ways to grow your business is through referrals. But they don’t happen naturally. Sure, you might get a referral here and there, but if you want to grow your business exponentially, you will have to put effort in EARNING and ASKING for referrals repeatedly. As you can […]

“When Fear Knocks on Your Door, Let Faith Answer”

For a second, you might have thought you were in church listening to your preacher when reading that title, “When Fear Knocks on Your Door, Let Faith Answer.” It’s very possible you may have heard it from a religious figure since it comes from Joel Osteen. Building your business can be scary. Especially if you […]

5 Steps to Getting Clients to Call You

Marketing may seem terribly complicated and it can be at times, especially with all the online options available. But when it comes down to it, marketing is a simple science. The study is human psychology. I know I have been through times in my business where I wish I could make the phone ring or […]

Where Your Dream Clients are Hiding

One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do I find clients with true luxury travel budgets and get in front of them?”  There is a very long, complicated answer to this question and it might differ from person to person.  But there is also a very simple one.  It’s the same […]

7 Signs It’s Time to Get Help

I heard a statistic on a TV commercial that really caught my attention… “Online universities have an average graduation rate of 32%.” A graduation rate describes the percentage of students who complete their program at that institution. To me, 32% is very low, and surprising. Then it made me think about the completion rate of my […]

Marketing and Dating – What They Have in Common

Not too long ago, I watched a reality TV show that lasted for an entire 2 episodes. It was called “Geek Love” and even though it was terrible, it raised an interesting awareness of the similarities between dating and marketing. The “Geeks” in “Geek Love” are die hard fanatics of comics, video games, movies (like Star Wars) […]