Building Your Business from the Inside Out

“Your real job on Earth is to find out what you were meant to be doing and to find a way to do that thing.” —Oprah Winfrey As humans, we all have a deep, burning desire for one thing, which starts out as a quiet whisper underneath the desire for money, fame, health, love, etc. […]

Easy Elevator Speech Formula

The power of a good elevator speech is very under rated. So much can change when you have a good one and it’s worth the time and effort to get one together. And now, I have a very simple formula you can follow, that will make it super easy. Here is the formula: “I help […]

5 Keys to Doubling Your Sales This Year!

Now that March has set in, and the first quarter of this year is coming to a close, you might be thinking about how to get more business. If that’s so, then you don’t want to miss a brand new, free webinar I am offering called “5 Keys to Doubling Your Sales This Year.” Just […]

How to Get 5 New IDEAL Bookings for Less than $50

Article written by Lori Hardegree of Magical Memories Travel, Diamond Mastermind Client In the time that I’ve spent working with Meredith as a private access client or as part of her Diamond Mastermind client, one of the things we’ve talked about is using testimonials from happy clients to help sell your services. Testimonials can be […]