Feeling Stuck? A Common Mindset Block that Keeps You From Moving Forward

I recently had the experience of working with a client who was a text book example of a common mindset block. You want to identify and eliminate mindset blocks because they keep you stuck struggling in your business. She was good at marketing and was doing a lot of the right things – a clear specialty and target market, blogging regularly, relationship building on Twitter and Facebook. But the business just wasn’t coming to her – at all.


In a group meeting, a few of us paid her separate compliments about her writing skills. She deflected every single compliment. Instead of accepting the compliment and saying “Thank You,” she turned the compliment around and used it as an opportunity to criticize herself.

After the 3rd time I watched her do this, I told her “I know exactly what’s stopping your business! You are not receiving.” When you reject a compliment, energetically you are turning away prosperity and abundance. How you do anything is how you do everything, so the act of rejecting a compliment is a sign of rejecting abundance and prosperity in all parts of your life. In essence, she was stopping an energetic flow, as ruled by the Law of Circulation.

Think about a hose pipe sitting on your lawn. When you turn on the faucet, water will flow out of the end…unless you step on the hose, or bend it. The same happens with energy. Are you stopping the flow of circulation and thus not receiving clients, money, etc?

Equally important is this. When you don’t receive, you rob “the giver” of the experience of giving. Think about it – you can’t be a giver without a receiver. We all like to give and when you give someone a gift, you want them to accept it. In fact, you might feel very hurt if they don’t accept it. Being a good receiver is actually a self-less (not selfish) act.

Here are my tips on becoming a good receiver and eliminating this common mindset block:

1) Accept compliments by taking them in and replying with “Thank You.” (Then quietly compliment yourself for accepting the compliment. You get 2 compliments in 1!)

2) Accept help when it’s offered – how often do we tell people, “No, I can do it myself.” Let them help you.

3) Accept small gifts, like when someone offers to pay the bill for lunch.


Pay attention to the balance of giving and receiving in your life. Are you giving a lot more than you are receiving? If so, do your best to balance it out by receiving more.

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