Five Strategies to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

We’ve been having a lot of discussions about Facebook in the GIFTE TESA and Diamond Mastermind group forums. It’s been very exciting to see them getting such fantastic results in increasing the number of likes on a shoestring budget using Facebook ads. There are multiple success stories of agents adding literally thousands of likes for less than $50. In fact, I got a text from one agent wanting to make sure she had not done something that was breaking the rules because she had added over 1200 fans to her page and had only spent about $30 on the ads we created together! (If you are curious about the strategies these agents have used, you should plan to join us for the Nail Your Niche Think Tank in Los Angeles on June 11th and 12th! I’ll be teaching the step by step process of creating and targeting Facebook ads that work without breaking the bank!).

If you’ve been working on growing the number of likes on your Facebook page, hopefully you have also been working on getting those fans engaged with your content! The goal of social media is to be social! You want to get your “people” to like, share and comment on what you are posting. That can sometimes be easier said than done, but here are 5 different strategies that have worked not just for my business but for many others:

1. Use images. Facebook has become a very visible environment. Images generate more engagement than text posts or polls. Travel is a natural fit for using images. Use beautiful, scenic photos and they are likely to get lots of interaction from your fans! Combine this with tip #2 and you’ll definitely see results!

2. Tell people what to do. Let’s face it, when people are browsing Facebook, they don’t
cinderellacastlewant to have to think too much! Don’t assume they know to like or share something. TELL them what you want them to do. Combine this with the fact that people like to daydream about travel and you’ve got a ready made strategy. One of our top performing posts in terms of engagement was this photo combined with a status that said “LIKE if you wish you were walking down this path this morning!” It was liked by about 750 people and shared more than 50 times. Overall this photo was seen in the news feed of almost 10,000 people (and it didn’t cost us a penny to get that reach!).

3. Create simple text images. Sometimes less is more, and with this strategy that definitely
fave holds true! Use a photo editor like PicMonkey to create a “photo” that is just a box with text in it. Ask a simple, easy to answer question in the photo and upload it. I recently used this image on our Facebook page and it had over 20 comments with responses in under 8 minutes! Make sure it’s a bold color and that the question is short and sweet. It also needs to be something people can answer in just a couple of words.

4. Use humor. If you are like most people, the things you are most likely to “like” on
movingtodisneyFacebook are things that make you laugh. Try posting funny photos or stories with photos asking for a “caption this” idea. Another idea is to check out or create your own e-cards images. I’m sure you’ve seen them, they are everywhere on just about any topic! This one has been our most popular post over the last few weeks. It got almost 1,500 likes, 378 comments and was shared from our page 332 times!

5. Post often. I know this can be a controversial one as many social media experts in travel recommend posting 3-5 times per week. Our results skyrocketed when we started posting 5 times a day. We are now posting at least 10 times each day and we are easily seeing a minimum of 3-5 bookings each and every week coming from Facebook. I would recommend starting with trying to post a minimum of 3 times per day and increasing from there. We’ll be talking about the WHY behind this strategy and how to generate content for all of these posts at the Think Tank in Los Angeles next month too!


Facebook is a way to get your name and message out there in a BIG way without spending a lot on advertising. Try taking these 5 tips and applying them on your business page and watch what happens to your “people talking about this” number!

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