Four Tips for Creating Fabulous Facebook Ad Images

Like it or not, Facebook knows a lot about you. And that’s why Facebook ads can be such a powerful marketing tool – they allow you to tap into the big well of data that Facebook has collected so that you can get really specific by targeting your ideal prospects. BUT the best targeting in the world isn’t going to help you if you don’t have a good, solid ad in the first place.

One of the most important aspects of a good, solid ad is a good, solid ad image. In this article, I’ll give you some tips on making an eye-catching and irresistible image for your newsfeed ad that’ll make Facebook work for you. (Quick note: I’m talking specifically about newsfeed ads here, which show up among posts from your friends on your Facebook home page, or “newsfeed” – I’m not talking about those dinky little ads that you see on the right hand side of Facebook. Got it? Good).

1. Make sure you follow the rules.

Facebook is invested in keeping the newsfeed visually interesting for its users, and that includes ads. That’s why Facebook will only run newsfeed ads with an image that contains 20% text or less. If your ad fails Facebook’s test, it’s back to the digital drawing board. Facebook is actually doing YOU a favor with this rule, because if your image is cluttered with text (aka booorring), no one is going to click on it! Facebook has a grid tool you can use to check how much space text is taking up in your image.

2. Make the most of the image space.

You know the saying “don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole”? Same is true for FB ads: don’t try to fit a vertical image in a horizontal space. When you’re creating you’re image, stick to the Facebook recommended ratio for link ads of 1.91:1 (that means the width of your image should be 1.91 times longer than the height of your image). Facebook gives you a pretty good sized space to work with; it’s up to you to utilize all of it.

3. Know the tips and tricks to getting noticed.

Want your ad to stand out? Try adding a border around it in a contrasting color. Want people to click on your ad? Tell them to. Literally. Add a “button” on your ad that says “click here.” And here’s a tip from online media guru Amy Porterfield: yellow buttons get higher conversion rates. So make that button champagne or citrine or canary yellow and see if your conversion rates shoot up. is a good site to use to add borders, buttons, and other graphic elements to your image.

4. Don’t settle for lack luster images.

We’re in the travel industry, so beautiful, evocative images should be par for the course in our marketing. Studies have shown that we are more drawn to images with people’s faces in them, so try using a photo of a family frolicking on the beach or a couple indulging in an exotic dinner. Just make sure your image doesn’t look too posed. If you don’t want to buy images and are worried about copyright issues with what you find on the web, use your own. If you’re retargeting an ad to people who are already on your email list, try using a picture that has your pretty mug in it – the folks on Facebook will be more likely to make the association and click on the ad.


Next time you set up a Facebook ad, make sure you review the four tips above before you create your image. Try out a couple of different types of images to go with your ad to see what works best (aka, split testing). After a few days you’ll see which ad(s) are getting the most clicks, and then you can go into the Facebook ad backend to cancel the poorer-performing ads.

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