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picture15 Easy Steps to Creating an Irresistible Free Offer that Will Grab the Attention of Your Ideal Prospects and Get Them Opting In.

You may have read this title and thought to yourself, “What is an Irresistible Free Offer?” If that’s the case, then you haven’t been through the SAFARI Guide Home Study System, and without sounding like a giant plug, you should get yourself a copy,  This is THE best blueprint for taking your travel business from surviving to thriving.  I’ll leave it at that.

Briefly, an Irresistible Free Offer (IFO) is some kind of free information you offer on EVERY page of your website. For website visitors to receive it, they must enter certain contact details like their first name and email address.  It’s VERY important to have one because it’s how you build your list.  Without it, driving traffic to your site is a complete waste of time, because you have no way of capturing the contact information of your best website visitors.

For those of you that DO know what an IFO is, but haven’t created one yet, this report is for you. Now you have no excuses to keep putting it off, as I have laid out, step by step, how to craft one.

Tap into their heart’s desires

Before I jump into sharing the 5 steps to creating your IFO, I want to establish that the goal here is to write a report that addresses the desires, dreams or challenges of your ideal clients. When you know what your clients really want, deep down, and write to THAT, they will be more likely to opt-in to your list.  That’s your goal.

Here’s an example of how this distinction works with respect to a destination wedding prospect:

Pretend your ideal client is a busy, professional woman, aged 30 or more, who is recently engaged and wants a destination wedding. As a professional travel consultant, you know what she NEEDS is to get clear on what her budget is, what her non-negotiable priorities are, decide on her guest list, and let an expert plan it all for her.

But that’s not what she WANTS.

She wants the wedding of her dreams – the one she’s been imagining since she was 3 years old.

As a smart destination wedding specialist who understands this distinction, you’ll have a lot more brides opting in for your IFO when you write to that DREAM.

Step #1 – Solve A Problem.

People don’t buy products, they buy solutions. So if you can solve one of their problems, for free, through your IFO, they will be MUCH more likely to come back to you, willing to pay your fees to solve more of their problems or achieve their dreams.

What are the biggest, most common problems or non-negotiable dreams of your prospects? If you don’t know (you should), brainstorm.  Write down everything you can think of in past conversations with your prior clients – those that fit your ideal client profile.  Or ask them.

Step #2 – Follow this Straightforward Structure

When writing the IFO, you must shift your writing style.  This is not about writing to educate the client about 3 different destinations.  While this is a good report, it’s not the report you want to write here…when trying to tease your prospect with how you can solve their problems.

Instead you must shift your writing style to more of the sales copy. Here’s a great, straightforward structure to writing in a sales copy style:

Section I: What’s the problem? Establish that you understand the problem.

Section II: Why hasn’t the problem been solved? Speak to their struggles.

Section III: What’s possible? This is a great section where you can stretch their dreams.  What do you know about travel that they DON’T know?  What do you see people missing out on all the time?

Section IV: Your solution. This is where you share your 4 steps or 5 secrets, etc.

Section V: Call to action. What do you want your prospects to do after reading?  Perhaps you want them to schedule a free appointment.

When writing this, don’t get perfection paralysis!  Do a first draft and then edit as necessary. Don’t get stuck.   Just do it.

Step #3: Craft a GREAT, catchy title

One of the greatest secrets to writing a good IFO is to come up with the title before you write it. This is probably opposite to what you were taught in school.  Who cares!  It works.

A great catchy title is the difference between building your list or NOT building your list of extraordinary prospects. You can write a great IFO, but if people are not opting in to it, no one will read it.  Think about all the distractions your prospects have in daily life.  You must get their attention with a great, catchy title that shows them you can solve their problems.  Don’t underestimate the importance of this step.

A great title is focused on benefits…NOT features. I see a lot of travel consultants make the mistake of extolling lots of features.  You must get super aware of the benefits of your services.

Here’s a useful formula to follow for creating a catchy title:

Step-by-Step Guide
Insider’s Guide
(Your Name’s) Handbook
+ Subject + Mouth-watering benefit

For example:

“5 Insider Secrets to Realizing Your Dream Destination Wedding Without Doing Any of the Planning Yourself”

“5 Secret Travel Tips that Will Make Your Friends Jealous”

“Mandy’s Handbook to Drama-Free, Memorable Family Vacations No Matter What Their Age”

Step 4: Write

Now it’s time to write your report.  Do yourself a favor and follow this article in order.  Don’t skip steps.  Don’t go out of order.  There’s a reason it’s in this order.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and over think the process.  Just write.

Step #5: Come Up with a tantalizing opt-in prompt.

I see so many people have the following prompt on their website:

picture5“Sign up for my newsletter”

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”  Probably not very well.

Instead, you want your IFO to do the work (and when they sign up for your IFO, they will also receive your award-winning weekly ezine).  But you must have a great prompt to get them to sign up for your IFO.

By the way, “sign up for my free report” is not what I’m talking about.

One of the easiest approaches to this is to have a great, short pull question that addresses the problem your IFO solves.

For example:

Feeling overwhelmed and strapped for time?

Register here to receive “5 Insider Secrets to Realizing Your Dream Destination Wedding Without Doing Any of the Planning Yourself.”


Get your Irresistible Free Offer completed this week.  When you put your mind to it, it can get done very quickly, especially when you follow a simple formula like the one laid out in this article.

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