High Performance Academy Insights and Nuggets: Part 2

Did you know that only 15% of the population has smart phones? That was a statistic shared with us at High Performance Academy. I honestly thought that number would be higher, right? What that means is that technology and connectivity via mobile devices and social media platforms are poised to grow much higher and the pace of change is beyond exponential. According to Brendon, 3 billion more people are coming online. Wow! So how do we prepare for that? We ready ourselves to handle change. And the study of Psychology is a tool for readiness. On that note, allow me to dive into the third area covered at High Performance Academy:


Brendon spent a lot of time talking about the importance of ensuring we are mentally engaged in our lives and creating strategies for being more self-aware of how we process and react to information. He also talked about the importance of creating long-term happiness and how that is a habit of high performers. High performers learn, grow and adapt on a consistent basis and stay focused on their personal missions. High performers stay away from engaging in “instant gratification” behaviors. Brendon believes that instant gratification is killing our cultures and dreams and causing us to struggle. So how do we handle the incredible speed of change we are moving in and stay focused on our goals and keep a positive mental state? Avoid and manage distractions. And as Brendon teaches, “the opposite of distraction is discipline. And discipline means consistency even when it is hard.” He teaches that when we move from distraction to discipline, we inspire. And as travel consultants, our goal is to inspire our clients and prospects to travel because we know the positive effects of travel. So being able to inspire and stay in that state of mind during our busy days is to stay disciplined and managed distractions.


The art of persuasion boils down to the art of influence. And ultimate influence is all about being fully present. Brendon framed his presentation on persuasion using the following acronym: CUP

C: Caring

Brendon shared that the way we measure if we are truly a caring person is based on our patience. If you lack patience, studies show that you are less caring. And when you lack caring that is really a lack of empathy. A top characteristic of a high performer is actually his/her ability to be compassionate and empathetic. How do you know if you are lacking in the area? Ask yourself if you get defensive easily and quickly rate how you reacted in certain situations. If you get defensive then that means you lack patience. As Brendon says “your spark reaction of being impatient or defensive is destroying your ability to be an influential person.”

U: Uplift

Mastering the art of persuasion means honing your ability to uplift others. Uplifting someone means helping them shift from the space they are in, to a better mental state.

P: Praise

How often do you offer praise? High performers do not pass judgment, instead they offer praise and appreciation whenever possible. This isn’t just in business with your clients, suppliers, fellow travel professionals and industry leaders. This also means with your family and friends. You don’t just want your life to be fine, right? Brendon shared that “fine is the enemy of amazing and appreciation.” So part of practicing the art of persuasion is ensuring you are constantly praising those around you and that can lead to a much more fulfilled life.

Your assignment:

Think about what are you disciplined about in your life? Do distractions rule the day? Take note of all your activities during a given day and ask yourself, “is this busy work or my life’s work?” Next, self rate your patience level. Do you get defensive easily and lose your patience? If so, create some mental triggers to remind yourself to express empathy and compassion and to not jump to judgment. Good luck and if you are a GIFTE member be sure to post your comments and feedback in the GIFTE Forum.

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