How to Get 5 New IDEAL Bookings for Less than $50

Article written by Lori Hardegree of Magical Memories Travel, Diamond Mastermind Client

In the time that I’ve spent working with Meredith as a private access client or as part of her Diamond Mastermind client, one of the things we’ve talked about is using testimonials from happy clients to help sell your services. Testimonials can be very persuasive, but they are even more compelling if they come from someone your potential clients feel they can relate to and see as a real person.

I recently had a client who booked an expensive cruise vacation that she absolutely loved. She was so excited through the planning process and came back from her trip saying “I’m telling everyone I know about what a fantastic time we had.”  She was so enthusiastic that I asked her if I could get a photo and a testimonial from her. She was happy to help and what she sent was heartfelt and clearly conveyed how pleased she was both with her vacation and with my services in helping her plan the perfect trip.

After reading this wonderful testimonial and thinking about the fact that she mentioned she has been telling everyone she knows about her trip, I thought to myself “wouldn’t it be great if I could follow up with those people she is talking to somehow?” Not only was she giving me some great word of mouth advertising, but chances are her friends would fall in to the ideal target market for a similar higher priced cruise as well. If only there was a way I could get my contact information directly in to the hands of her friends and neighbors…

I mentioned this to a friend who was able to point me directly to a web site that could help me do just that! I used the web site to plug in her address and was able to pull up a list of her neighbors with names and addresses.

After getting permission from my client to use her testimonial and photo, I ordered postcards with her photo on one half of the card and an excerpt from her testimonial on the other half. I used the back of the postcard to insert my own message and call to action.

I sent the postcard to 100 of her neighbors. The logic was that:

  1. if my client could afford an expensive vacation, the chances are good that her neighbors can too
  2. chances are she probably chats with at least a few of her neighbors, or her kids are friends with neighbor kids and these people knew she was taking/has taken this great vacation
  3. when people recognize the person giving the testimonial, they give it more weight so it increases the “know, like and trust” factor tremendously!

The results? Five bookings within the month! The best news – it cost me less than $50 thanks to a coupon for 100 free postcards with VistaPrint.  Four of the five people who contacted me mentioned the photo on the postcard. “I see that woman out jogging all the time!” or “It’s crazy, I think my son used to play soccer with one of the kids on that postcard!”

Hint: don’t just use the postcard idea. If you are developing any marketing piece to use locally, include a photo and testimonial from a local client.

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