How to Use Facebook to Quickly Grow Your Business

There is a lot of talk about using Facebook as a marketing source. But not many entrepreneurs selling travel fully understand its power. One of the most exciting tools within Facebook is the strategic use of Facebook ads. They are powerful list building tools, and list building tends to be a HUGE blind spot for travel experts. They are incredibly affordable. Quite frankly, there is no reason NOT to be using Facebook ads. At GIFTE, we’ve provided articles about creating an effective Facebook ad image and tips on targeting, but in this article, I want to share 3 excellent reasons and ways to use a Facebook ad.

Before I jump into the 3 reasons to use a Facebook ad, I’d like to explain how a Facebook ad could help your list building efforts. Millions of people have their eyes on Facebook on a daily basis. These millions of people have expressed clear demographics and interests through their profile and page likes. When you create your Facebook ad, you can target very specific demographics and interests. For example, if your target market is brides in the greater New York metropolitan area, you can target profiles of engaged women who live in a certain geographic radius. As I teach in the Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint, this is why it’s so important to know your target market.

A very important asset (or assets) you will need when it comes to creating your Facebook ad is a free offer. Facebook ads work best when your ad offers something for free, instead of for a price. Your ad will get their attention with a good “pull question” and catchy graphic, and then direct them to click on the ad to get something of value for free.

Going back to the bride example, you could offer “The Expert’s Top 5 Tips for Getting the Honeymoon You Want and Deserve.” A great graphic idea for getting their attention could be a side-by-side photo of 1) a happy couple relaxing under a private pergola on the beach with a butler serving them a drink; and 2) a miserable couple on cheap lawn chairs at a dirty pool with obnoxious tourists surrounding them. The pull question could be “Which honeymoon are you hoping for?” The “call to action” text at the bottom could say, “Click here to get ‘The Expert’s Top 5 Tips for Getting the Honeymoon You Want and Deserve.'”   When they click on the ad, they will go to a “landing page” where they are shown an “optin box” and they must enter their name and email address to receive their free offer. When someone enters their name and email address, you now have another person on your list. And that’s how it works.

So, what are some ways you can use Facebook ads? Here are 3:

1. Build your following (platform), i.e. List build. As described in the bride example, an ad targeted at your ideal prospect with something of value that they are likely to want is an excellent use of Facebook ads.

2. Filling a group. Selling groups can be the Holy Grail of selling travel. Recently, I’ve been quoted as saying that everyone selling travel should do at least 1 group per year. It’s one of the best ways to grow your business. If you are already one step ahead and have group space you want to fill, use Facebook ads to target people who might be interested in your group. Your free offer could be more information about the travel experience. This concept will work best if you have created a true affinity in the group space. In other words, your group travel experience has something very unique and special that would be of great value to people with a shared interest.

3. Finding clients for specific suppliers. Let’s say you love a specific supplier and want to sell more of it…like Uniworld. Work with your Uniworld BDM to understand the demographics and psychographics of their customers. Target your ad based upon this new intelligence. Create something of value (or use Uniworld’s marketing tools, i.e., a video) to offer for free that in essence gives them more information. Pull them in with a great pull question and catchy graphic. Collect their name and email address with your own landing page that then delivers the free offer. The best part about this idea is that suppliers are likely to co-op a well thought out and planned Facebook ad with you.

Your Assignment:

If you are not using Facebook ads and you would like to grow your business, it’s time to put this on your radar screen. Get very deliberate. First figure out your objective for an ad. Is it to build your list as a whole? Is it to fill a specific group? Is it to sell more of a specific supplier? Once you decide that, plan it out. What does your target market want? Figure out what information they want such that they would be willing to share their contact details to get it. Then go create it!

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