How to Use Your Story in Your Marketing

90% of the travel advisors I meet don’t share their story.  But it’s one of the most critical pieces to successful sales.  What story?  YOUR story.  The story of why you are doing what you are doing.

For example, my first trip to Africa was not by choice, and thus, my passion for Africa was not something I was born with.  In fact, I mistakenly thought Africa was dark, dangerous, dusty and less than desirable as a travel destination.  It was NOT on my radar screen, at all.  Before my first trip to Africa, I thought there was no way Africa could meet my travel-snob standards.

At the time, I was living in London, happily dating my now-husband, who is from Zimbabwe.  His sister, who was engaged to be married, also lived in London and we were becoming fast friends.  I was invited to the wedding and that’s when my first trip to Africa occurred.

As you might have guessed, Africa ended up being everything I thought it wasn’t.  I was completely dumbfounded by the beauty, wildlife, people, and high level of service and sophistication in the hotels, resorts and restaurants.  I returned from that trip a total convert, wanting to share this “secret” with everyone I knew.  And the seed was planted for Hills of Africa travel.

This story is important because there are so many clients that I worked with that were similar to me, before my first trip to Africa.  Quite frankly, they are afraid to travel there.  But when I tell them my story, they can relate.  They often have the exact same misunderstandings, and knowing I had the same travel standards as they do, they become much more open to the concept of traveling there.  It opened the door to my sales.

Are you telling your story that’s opening the door for your sales?  If not, here is a great structure for you to use to create your compelling story:

  1. Before – there must be a before part of your story;
  2. Conflict or Turning Point – my conflict was that I didn’t want to travel to Africa, but I had to;
  3. Discovery – my discovery was that Africa was everything I thought it wasn’t – in a good way.  I knew there were lots of other Americans that misunderstood Africa as a travel destination, and I felt like I had just discovered the best kept secret in travel.
  4. Result – the result was the best vacation I have ever had in my life.
  5. Return – this is where you want to share it with others.  I did.  I really felt like it was my mission to share Africa with people because they were getting the wrong message from places like the media.


If you are not currently telling your core sales story to everyone you meet, it’s time to start doing this.  I have a client who thought  she was, but she was skipping important details, like beating a deathly illness.  She recently told her entire sales story – including the parts she had been skipping.  This was the first time she had ever done this and she now has 4 brand-new inquiries for the exact travel product she wants to sell.

Time for you to dig deep and put together a core sales story that sells.  Why?  Because it makes you real to your potential clients.  People want to do business with people they know, like and trust.  When you share something vulnerable about yourself, they instantly like you.
Get your core sales story mapped out and try it out on your next potential client.

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