Is Your Tunnel Vision Blocking The Path to Your Ultimate Goals?

One of the greatest turning points in my travel business was establishing clear, track-able goals at the beginning of each year. I learned that it takes a vision to create positive momentum, otherwise how do you know where you are going? And not just a “pie in the sky” vision, but a clear, measurable vision for what you want to create. Setting clear, measurable goals are incredibly powerful…more powerful than I ever anticipated.

However, I made a rookie, goal-setting mistake and expected my goals to suddenly appear from out of the sky. No, that’s not what happens. Instead, the universe responds with the ingredients needed to create your end result, often in the form of opportunities. It can be easy to ignore these ingredients because of tunnel vision on the lookout for your ultimate goal. That’s what I did!

That’s what GIFTE member Shannon LeBlanc almost did too. For example, on a recent Monthly Mentoring with Meredith call, she asked me if she should lease office space. Let me preface this with the fact that I know she has established very clear and measurable goals to grow her business significantly this year. In asking her question, she shared with me that she has identified a good friend who wants to share the space and the rent. In addition, she had already eyed a great office space that was the right size, the right location – across the street from her husband’s office – but the rent was a little higher than she wanted to pay. She was asking the question because she had learned the day before that the landlord had just reduced the rent.

My response to her was yes, yes yes! But Shannon couldn’t see the beautiful ingredients the universe was offering. It’s like she was asking for a cake, and the universe was giving her flour and butter and she was scratching her saying, “why is the universe giving me butter and flour when I asked for a cake?” In essence, the universe was delivering opportunities that would move her along the path to her goal. Her tunnel vision clouded her ability to see this. Lucky for her I set her straight before she turned down the essential ingredients for her beautiful cake.

The moral of the story is that when you set clear, measurable goals, you will receive the opportunities to get you there. If you have tunnel vision, perfection paralysis and a lot of anxiety around the “how” you will block the perfect ingredients that are desperately trying to come to you. So ask yourself, are you receiving butter and flour and wondering where you cake is? If so, say yes to the butter and flour and celebrate the fact that the perfect ingredients are showing up and more will come.

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