My 3 Hard Earned Lessons of 2014 to Help You Claim Your Success in 2015


I am not one who loves goal setting. I do it because I know how critical it is to have well thought out visions that are constantly directing you. But the process of sitting down and establishing goals is not one that I love. I prefer to be far less restricted. There is an inner voice screaming in my head, “don’t peg me down!” Maybe its the extreme “perceiver” (of the Meyers-Briggs personality index) in me. So, in reflecting upon the end of one year and beginning anew, I decided to ask myself, “what were my greatest lessons in 2014 and how can I apply what I learned in 2015?” I have narrowed it down to 3 great lessons. Here they are. I hope they serve you in preparing for an amazing 2015.

Lesson #1: It Can Be Easy

This lesson came pretty late in the year but it struck me very powerfully. When faced with struggle, it’s natural to believe that the way out will be hard. For example, if you are facing the reality of being 50 lbs overweight, it can feel daunting to begin losing it all. If you are facing the reality of being $50,000 in debt in your business or personal life, it can feel just as daunting to turn it around. But what if it doesn’t matter how many pounds you need to release or how deep in the hole you are or by what multiple you want to increase your business? What if it could be easy getting the results you want?

I discovered this year that the ONLY path up or out or to bigger is one of ease. Yes. It not only can be easy. It must be easy. Sure, hard work will pay off in the short term but will never bring you lasting results. The process of getting yourself into a state of ease, on a regular basis, is what will pay off. Believing that the inspirations will come when you let go of the resistance, instead of cling tighter to it, is what will serve you in the long run. So the next time you wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety or fear or overwhelm, repeat to yourself the following mantra, “It can be easy.”

Lesson #2: Your Clients Will Come to You

A scarcity mindset is like a cockroach issue in a New York City apartment. Every time you think you have found the source and eliminated the problem, they show up somewhere else … from a new source. At least that is what I have found with my own scarcity mindset. I thought I had made a lot of progress in getting rid of my scarcity mindset … and I have… but alas, we are never done.

This year, I learned that my scarcity mindset extends well beyond money. I realized that my scarcity mindset is what has dictated limiting beliefs like “clients are hard to find” and “there is a very limited source of great clients.” I’ve had these beliefs for years! And as long as I believe it, it’s what will show up as true.

I am so happy to tell you that this isn’t true! Great clients are easy to find. They are everywhere! They are so easy to find that they will find you!!! There is nothing that will prevent them from finding you, except resistance. The abundance of great clients for you exceeds your desire for them. You couldn’t have the desire if the abundance of them didn’t exist.

As human beings, our mistake is that we fall into the trap of looking where they aren’t instead of feeling where they are. For example, we take some action, maybe in the form of marketing, we even spend money on the marketing, and then look for the immediate result of clients. Our attention is completely focused on the result. If we get the result we want, we feel good. If we don’t get the result we want, we feel bad. This is a behavior we have learned from birth and it’s inaccuracy lies in its conditional-ness. We let results dictate our emotions instead of establishing emotions that will allow the results we want.

So going back to our mistake of looking where they aren’t (clients) instead of feeling where they are…the key is faith.  Your ideal clients WILL find you. Lots of them will find you. More than you could ever imagine. They will find you WHEN you lead with faith, establish your good feelings on a regular basis and do that long enough that it’s the dominant emotion within you. When you do that, you will be able to enjoy great clients finding you all day and everyday.

Lesson #3: Take Inspired Action

Do! Do! Do! Produce! Produce! Produce! These are messages we are fed everyday, both overtly and subtly. We love to-do lists, we eat up organizational tips and we feel guilty when we “waste” a day doing nothing. We are a society addicted to production. It’s serve us well, but not always. Uninspired action is effort and will get you nowhere. Instead of being focused on how productive you are, why not set the intention for 2015 that you will focus on getting yourself into a place of inspiration? Effort is not what you need to aspire to. When you are inspired, action comes easily. In fact, the result of pure inspiration is unstoppable action. Let the momentum of inspiration do it’s job. Your work is to get inspired. How do you get inspired? Get back into a state of ease, joy, happiness, gratitude, etc.

Your Assignment:

So we come full circle. It’s not coincidence that these lessons are circular and lead to each other. It all comes down to the importance of feeling good, despite the conditions around you. If you can spend your year focused on preparing your emotional state, before anything else, I guarantee you will have a year beyond your wildest dreams.

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