Olympic Style Results For Your Travel Business

Seeing people at their fullest potential fascinates me. That’s why I love the Olympics. But what’s the difference between the alpine skier who wins the gold and the skier who doesn’t even make it to the Olympics? Or the bobsledder who didn’t qualify 4 years earlier, but then comes back to win a gold medal and break the world record?

Is it talent?

Or physical fitness?

Maybe, but not necessarily. More likely, it’s mindset. And this is true with your business too.

You may have never considered this but – your passion for travel indicates incredible talent. Thus, I believe you have the potential to be a “gold medal” success in your business. But are you?

If not, consider the following 3 mindset tips that I know our Olympic champions have nailed. These may just help you in your own business.

1. Set sight on your goals and EXPECT them to be realized.

There are a few important things going on in this tip. First, it’s about getting super clear on your goals. The more clear, the better. Olympic champions have been focusing on very specific goals for many, many years. Second, you have to believe you can realize your goals. And when you believe in them, you expect them. Expecting them means you make different choices than if you are just hoping for them. Expectation is an incredibly powerful energy. Consider this example: when you decide to have a party for 50 people, you expect 50 people to show up. You send out 50 invites. You prepare enough food and drink for 50 people. You get the space ready for 50 people, etc., etc. You do all this BEFORE the actual party takes place and BEFORE you know how many people will actually show up. You don’t sit around and “hope” that 50 people will show up, and then get things ready when they do. That’s the difference between hope and expectation. When you expect your success to happen, you will make different choices than when you hope success happens. Think about some of the things you would do differently if you expected success – like hiring that admin person, or hiring someone to write your blog. Taking action like this is what moves success forward for you.

2.“Just Do It”

A great Nike slogan, yes, but also a very important business philosophy that can be the difference between success and failure. Once you set your goals, you have to just go after them, even if you don’t know the path. Most of us get stuck in “in-action” because we want to do it right and we want to see all the steps. The movie “Forest Gump” had a great lesson about this, if you noticed it. You have a guy with a 75 IQ and physical issues with his back from the day he is born…a few obstacles for sure. But he manages to achieve incredible things like: going to college and playing college football, earning a medal of honor for his time in Vietnam, buying a shrimp boat and becoming a successful shrimper with no experience,…and the list goes on. Yes, it’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but the lesson is still there. He achieved these things because he just “did it.” He didn’t think about the how. He didn’t wait around for all the steps to be revealed to him. He just went after things, without worrying about how he would do it.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Comparison is mindset cancer! Byron Katie, author of “I Need Your Love. Is That True?” says that there are 3 types of businesses: 1) My Business; 2) Your Business; and 3) God’s Business. She says that we spend too much of our time in the wrong business – your business and God’s business. We can’t control either so why waste time in them. The only business we should be concerned with is “My Business” because that’s what we control. The moment you start comparing yourself to others who might be more successful or further ahead, is the moment you inject your business with poison. The only thing you should be comparing yourself to is you and your utmost potential.


Adopt these 3 mindset tips today. Identify what you would be doing differently if you expected your goals to show up very shortly. Get clear on what steps you can take to get closer to your goals, without worrying about what you don’t know. Finally, stop comparing yourself to others!

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