Picking a specialty that fits like a glove

3 Keys to Picking a Specialty that Attracts Big Spending Clients and Big Commission Bookings

One of the most common questions travel advisors ask me is “How do I pick my specialty?” Ironically, it is often the one thing that is keeping them from success. In reality, you ALREADY have a specialty. It may be buried deep inside you, you may not see it, but it’s there.

It’s a great start to be thinking about specializing. The reason is that it’s the number 1 thing you can do for your business to make more money. But if you are going to do it, do it correctly.

Many people erroneously think picking their specialty has to do with choosing a certain destination and then focusing on that. That is one way to pick a specialty, but by no means is that the only way.

Picking a specialty can be broken down into 3 simple steps:

1. Claim your expert status.

Stop trying to be all things to all people and become an authority on something. Whether it’s gay travel, romantic travel, soft adventure travel for senior outdoor enthusiasts, travel for wine lovers, or Disney travel – be an expert!

Experts make more money, are sought for their opinion and make more money. Yes, I said that twice. What are you an expert at? It might be obvious or you may have to do some thinking. Don’t get overly worried that you have to know everything and anything on your topic. Remember this: to a third grader, a fourth grader is wiser than words.

If you don’t know what your expertise is, ask yourself some of these questions:

  1. What are my passions?
  2. What activities completely consume me, where I am so engaged that hours will fly by?
  3. What are my greatest success stories with my clients? What have I done for my clients where they were totally awed, and it was very easy for me?
  4. What do people constantly compliment me on, or ask my assistance for?

2. Pick your target market.

Even if your expert status is something as general as luxury travel, you’ll do yourself a HUGE favor by picking a subset of the market. Don’t sell luxury travel to everyone. Sell luxury travel to investment bankers, or interior designers. It becomes so much easier to know where to market when you identify a specific part of the population AND people will pay you more because you understand them. If you are having trouble deciding, ask yourself this question: Who needs me most?

3. Stop marketing products and your process. Start marketing experiences and solutions.

People could care less about what you do or what you offer until they know what’s in it for them. If you are an expert on luxury travel and are focused on investment bankers, don’t tell them about your 22 years in the travel business, or your credentials. They will be bored to tears. Instead, tell them about the secret hideaway in the Caribbean, with a Michelin Star chef, that is a short 3 hours plane ride away from the office, where you will arrange every last detail so all they have to do is show up at the airport.

Marketing experiences and solutions starts with an awareness that people buy products for 1 of 2 reasons. They believe the product will help them either:

a.  avoid pain or

b.  gain pleasure

Some of the top motivators for purchasing a product or service, that you can use to market YOUR service include:

  1. save time
  2. save effort
  3. save money
  4. gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences
  5. gain exclusive experiences
  6. attain better health


Go through these 3 steps: Claim your expertise, pick your market and start marketing experiences and solutions. Use the list of 5 benefits and start focusing your marketing language around this. Give yourself a few days to get through them, and then take action! Get out there and start marketing your expertise through social media, speaking and sending a weekly newsletter.

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