President Obama Doesn’t Have You on His Radar Screen


 President Barrack Obama recently made a statement that triggered quite a nerve within the travel industry:

“when was the last time somebody went to a bank teller instead of using the ATM, or used a travel agent instead of just going online? “

Many travel consultants were offended by this statement and vehemently defended their profession. The President was not making a statement about the lack of value provided by travel agents. He was simply putting words to the widely accepted perception of a travel agent.

Recently, I was getting my haircut and my stylist told me she had just got engaged and she was planning a destination wedding. I asked her if she was working with a Destination Wedding Specialist and she looked at me confused. She thought I was talking about the onsite wedding planner many resorts provide. So I spent the next 20 minutes educating her on the value of working with a Destination Wedding Specialist. She was so thankful. She had no idea such a thing existed.

And this is the problem. They don’t know you exist. Their perception of a travel agent is outdated. The general public sees the travel agent as an order taker with NO expertise, who works in a brick and mortar building on mainstreet that charges $50 for airline tickets and hardly competes with the fares online.

You don’t have to convince me that there are thousands of competent travel agents that add value, provide an excellent service, and serve a great need. But unfortunately, I am not the one you have to convince. It’s the general public and the fact of the matter is, the accurate understanding of your profession is falling under the radar screen.

It’s time to update the face of the travel agent. The term alone: travel agent, doesn’t do the profession any justice. The term itself needs an update. I prefer to use travel consultant, travel advisor or travel expert, and you should too.

But the task of making over your industry doesn’t fall on the President’s shoulders….it falls on yours. Each and every one of you that provide a stellar service, make dreams come true and serve a growing need to accumulate treasured moments and memories.

So how does one take on this task? By marketing YOU. Stop marketing your products and start marketing YOU. The other way to take on this task is to claim your expert status. It’s time to be an expert as SOMETHING. You choose, but get out there and walk, talk and act like an expert.

My mother grew up as an only child and because of her father’s job, she moved frequently. She attended 6 different grammar schools in 8 years. One thing she learned was how to meet new people when you are the newcomer. She recognized that you have to get yourself out there, even if it feels hard or scary or uncomfortable. No matter how much you don’t want to, you must push yourself to go to social events, get involved, and introduce yourself to strangers to meet new people and feel part of the community.

Marketing is no different. It doesn’t always feel good. In fact, it can feel downright yucky. But it only feels yucky when you are chasing people. Whether you are aware of it or not, when you are pushing products and specials, you are chasing clients. When you DON’T specialize, you are chasing clients.

When you market authentically, by following the 4 legs: 1) Connect; 2) Inform; 3) Inspire; and 4) Call to Action, it doesn’t feel like marketing and it doesn’t feel yucky. People don’t feel like you are marketing either.


Get over the fact that you don’t like selling yourself, pretend you are a new kid on the block and push yourself to get out there. Be sure to follow the 4 critical authentic marketing legs in every marketing tool you use: 1) Connect; 2) Inform; 3) Inspire; and 4) Call to Action. For more information on how to do these things, please check out the Safari Guide Home Study System,

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