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Business consulting is for you if you are craving individual guidance and laser focused strategies on how to take your business to the next level.  Very few organizations have the wisdom and expertise to guide travel agencies to take full advantage of these opportunities and quickly grow their travel businesses.  What makes GIFTE unique is that we are experts in the travel industry AND in the fields of branding, client attraction and conversion, sales, training, business management, finance, team building, operations/implementation, strategic planning and leadership.

Consulting differs from group coaching as it includes extra layers of guidance and support and may be directed at the business leader and their team or a single business owner or partnership.  Our travel business consulting packages are aimed at the most common stuck-points in leading your travel business to the next level of success.  We offer 3 specific packages that have been designed based on several years of working with hundreds of clients.  These 3 packages address the areas where we've seen a realignment literally change people's lives.  At a minimum, these packages have the potential to make a significant positive financial and emotional impact on the business owner.

The 3 specific packages address: 1) Branding; 2) Marketing Plan Creation; and 3) Business Optimization and Leadership Development.  These consulting packages will work individually or can be combined.  Additionally, we can customize a consulting package based on your specific business needs and can even work with you to completely overhaul your business.  If you are ready to take a leap forward and completely re-energize your business, we can help.

branding (2)

Want to attract more of those elusive “ideal” clients?

Whether you are new to the travel business (possibly transitioning from another career) or have been in the industry a long time, you simply want to work with great clients, plan amazing travel experiences, sell your favorite suppliers and squeeze in some great travel for yourself too.   Deep down, you know you are extremely talented but the traveling public does not understand your value and it’s difficult for you to articulate that to your prospects, friends and family.


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Want a marketing plan that works for YOUR target market?

Your business has a clear, compelling brand that is reflective of your business’ brilliance. Your brand successfully articulates the value of your services. But when it comes to marketing your business, you fall a little short mostly because you are not sure what to do and when to do it. Luckily, your existing clients are loyal and respect your expertise, but you would like more “ideal” clients. Even though your overall sales are growing, you’d really like to focus on growing sales in the specific direction you’re taking your business.


biz optimization

Want to take your business to the next level and work LESS?

You run an established travel agency. As the leader of your business, you wear many hats and carry multiple responsibilities. Your day runs you instead of you running your day. You are the first to arrive and the last to leave. Everyday, your list of things you wanted to get accomplished goes unfulfilled. You want guidance on how to move your business to the next level without working harder. In fact, you want to work less but can’t see how that’s possible while growing sales. You want help because you don’t know how much longer you can sustain this.



Have specific issues that you need help with, or want a complete business overhaul?

We can customize a consulting package to meet your needs. If you would like to explore travel business consulting with the GIFTE team, please contact Dana Crone at dana@travelbusinessu.com to schedule your free, 30-minute, getting acquainted discussion. On this short call, we will identify your key issues, whether or not you are a good fit for a consulting package or other GIFTE programs that might be of greater benefit to you. In full transparency, the GIFTE Travel Business Consulting Packages begin at $7,997.

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My coaching half-day was quite life-enhancing for me. I am restarting my business, and I now have a clarity of purpose, as well as a plan for creating a level of success in my business, that wouldn't have been possible had I not invested in the Travel Business Consulting and Branding Package. For those of you that may have been on the fence as to whether or not to make that leap and invest in the program, I can tell you it is worth it!

Think about it....having Meredith and Vanessa spend an hour on the phone with just you, followed by a conversation between the two of them about just you, followed by 2 1/2 hours in a meeting room with just you...wow!!

We covered so much ground in that time that we were able to extract the most important, most easily monetized aspect of what I wanted my niche to be, that I have found a renewed vigor for both my research AND my focus!

I'll close with a huge THANK YOU to Meredith and Vanessa, along with Jen and all the assistants at GIFTE that I met on Tuesday, and if you still are wondering if the Business Consulting Package is a good idea, IT IS!!

Irwin Shires