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“I have so much to offer clients but I'm not sure how to reach them!”

You've got a passion for travel and an ability to deliver amazing itineraries to your clients. If only they understood the value you can offer them. You know you should pick a specialty and establish yourself as an expert, but are confused by how to do it.

Is This You-

Whether you are new to the travel business (possibly transitioning from another career) or have been in the industry a long time, you simply want to work with great clients, plan amazing travel experiences, sell your favorite suppliers and squeeze in some great travel for yourself too.

Deep down, you know you are extremely talented but the traveling public does not understand your value and it’s difficult for you to articulate that to your prospects, friends and family.

Quite simply, you need more sales.

You have attempted to market but feel confused by which marketing vehicles to use, what to say, how to do it all and still tend to your clients. Even though you have done some marketing, you are not consistent and you lack direction. It all feels like such hard work, that there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish everything necessary to get enough of those elusive “ideal” clients. You know you need to specialize but you haven’t been able to find the right specialty or are afraid to limit yourself and turn away good business. You are also aware that you should charge a service fee but can’t find the confidence to put this into action.

are these your issues

What You Need Most Right Now:

The number one thing you can do for your business that will have you working smarter instead of harder is to establish yourself as an expert. Even more important is to figure out what your specific expertise is and articulate it in a way that is compelling to your prospects. It’s time to tap into your internal assets, identify your brilliance and build your brand around it. Then, you can update your foundational marketing tools so that they are reflective of your brilliance and brand and do their job of “pulling” clients to you. When you have clarity on your brand, your marketing tools are doing their job, you will stop working so hard and start attracting your ideal clients. It will finally feel easy.
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Travel Business Consulting Package #1


Developing a Core Message

If you would like to explore travel business consulting with the GIFTE team, CLICK HERE to schedule your free, 30-minute, getting acquainted discussion. On this short call, we will identify your key issues, whether or not you are a good fit for a consulting package or other GIFTE programs that might be of greater benefit to you. In full transparency, the GIFTE Travel Business Consulting Packages begin at $7,997.

  • Lu Ann Haygood

    In December 2014 while on a FAM in the Caribbean, I learned of Meredith Hill and the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs. I came home, did a little research, and immediately signed up for the Book More Travel Workshop in February 2015. Attending that workshop in February 2015 was the greatest thing I have done for my business.

    During the Book More Travel Workshop, I realized that there was a path that would take my travel company, Travel By LuLu, from a hobby to a thriving, growing business. The workshop also opened my eyes to joint ventures as a way to grow your business. As Michelle Woodson spoke, I thought, “I can do this!”

    Meredith and Vanessa were with me every step of the way. I could not have done the rebrand without them. They believed in me. They pushed me out of my comfort zone. They set high goals for and with me. The support I received from them through the emails and phone calls that are a part of the coaching agreement was so beneficial and yet challenging. Meredith and Vanessa have an amazing mix of wisdom, direction, and encouragement.

    I am very thankful for all of the support I have received from the fantastic family in GIFTE and TESA. It is so wonderful to be a part of a professional tribe that is so positive and uplifting!

    Lastly, I encourage you to do what it takes to revitalize and grow your business. Sign up for the Book More Travel Workshop, definitely purchase the Blueprint, and tap in to the expertise of Meredith and Vanessa through Private Coaching. It is totally worth the investment!

    Lu Ann Haygood , Watercolor Boutique Travel