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Give Your Business the Nutrition it Deserves by Joining the Travel Entrepreneur’s Success Academy:


  • Are you establishing yourself as an expert and getting your message in front of the right clients?
  • Do you have a marketing foundation that makes you proud, articulates your value and is magnetic to your best prospects?
  • Are you marketing consistently, building your list and nurturing your relationships with your clients?
  • Is your default emotional state one of happiness, excitement and joy because of the incredible abundance you continue to expect in your life?
  • Are you leading your business strategically and financially or is it leading you?

……..with a decision.

TESA is a group coaching program that focuses on the following:

TESA Philosophy for Success



Meredith and the GIFTE team guide you to establish yourself as an expert with a powerful, compelling message that is based on your brilliance.


Armed with a powerful message that demonstrates your authority, the GIFTE team will give you ongoing guidance when creating and developing your marketing foundation. Once complete, move on to establishing your marketing systems with constant support, accountability and feedback.


Rewire your mindset for success, abundance and entrepreneurship. Rewiring requires constant tune-ups that you’ll get from Meredith and the GIFTE team in the form of laser coaching, feedback in the virtual community, curriculum calls, and live immersion experiences every 90 days.


“What you focus on expands. When you focus on your financial results, they grow.” The GIFTE team will guide you in establishing financial and strategic goals for your business that are concrete and achievable. At the 2-day live mastermind meetings, let the GIFTE coaching team hold your hand through strategic and financial “check-ins” for accountability and planning.
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As a TESA Member, You Will Experience:


Laser Coaching Q&A Calls

Value: $1,000

Including a monthly TESA-Only Q&A call with Meredith and monthly GIFTE Member Q&A call with Meredith.


Two LIVE 2-Day Mastermind Retreats

Value: $4,000

Two live 2-day mastermind retreats are held exclusively for TESA members each year, for masterminding, learning and laser coaching. PLUS one live 1-day mastermind retreat is held each year before the Book More Travel Workshop, and one live virtual workshop will be held each year.


Branding Feedback

Value: $1,000

Get branding feedback from GIFTE’s branding and marketing expert, Sandra Cottam-McLemore, via the private TESA forum.


Virtual Workshops

Value: $500

TESA Members are invited to one LIVE virtual workshop per year, plus have access to previous virtual workshops hosted by the GIFTE team.


FREE Ticket to the Book More Travel Workshop

Value: $349

In addition to the TESA exclusive retreats, TESA members are also eligible for a FREE ticket to the Book More Travel Workshop.


Past Marketing & Mindset Call Recordings

Value: $500

Access three years of past recordings through your membership portal in which experts address in-depth marketing topics.


Make Money Selling Travel Blueprint

Value: $997

Your TESA membership includes complete online access to this revolutionary travel business training system.


GIFTE Membership

Value: $197

Your TESA membership also includes complete online access to GIFTE membership benefits.


Private TESA Group Forum

Value: $500

This private TESA forum provides a space for TESA members to communicate, brainstorm and give each other resources

Your Travel Entrepreneur’s Success Academy (TESA) Program benefits begin as soon as your application is approved.

All group calls are recorded and will be available for you to access on a special TESA web page.

Full Investment

I understand that the full investment for the program is  $2797 for 12 months. I also understand that there is an affordable payment plan option of only $279 per month per month.

Next Steps

Because this program is by application only, please fill out our short application form.  We’ll be in touch promptly to let you know whether your application has been approved, review the investment options, and finalize your registration.

  • Sandy Lipkowitz

    I find being a part of TESA and attending the retreats are an invaluable part of my business success. Working as a home based business can be isolating. TESA gives me a community to connect with that has my best interests at heart. The retreats allow me to bond, on a one to one basis, deepening our commitments to each other. This is in addition to the cutting edge mind set, marketing and operations information that we get from the best travel coaches in the industry: Meredith Hill, Vanessa McGovern and Jennifer Cochrane.

    The open sharing and mentoring that I have available through the private Facebook group, allows me to tap into decades of travel resources and expertise from my fellow entrepreneurs. I am a TESA member for life. It’s as critical to my business as having a phone or a website

    Sandy Lipkowitz , We Make Travel Easy

  • Ruth Collins

    I was like every other travel consultant out there, doing business the same old way it had been done for many years. But I have always had an entrepreneur's spirit, and in my gut I knew there had to be something more, a better way to fulfill my dream. I was given information about TESA, and soon attended a presentation given by the founder, Meredith Hill, and other members, all of whom have enjoyed great success in their travel businesses--and I realized immediately that this group could help me reach the next level. In the past few months since I've joined TESA, I've been able to create a compelling message for my business, identify my ideal client, develop a dynamic web site, hone my marketing skills, and build connection with others who are committed to success. If, like me, you want to find success in your own travel business, then TESA is for you.

    Ruth Collins , Luxe Women Travel