Sow Your Success Seeds in 2014

I love this time of the year. There is so much positive energy for a wonderful and successful year and everyone, for the most part, is optimistic about what the New Year will bring. How many posts have you seen on social media lately that read “2014 is going to be my year!”? Sadly, this will not be the case for the majority of those making that post.

Why am I being so pessimistic, you ask? Simple. I want to motivate you to dig really deep and ask yourself to think about what the path to true success looks like. Just because we’ve turned the page in our calendars doesn’t mean we get to wave a magic wand over our lives. Right? Is success a result of simply thinking positively for one week of the year and setting a positive intention? No. It is not. Rather, success is related to consistent action and the culmination of strategies and execution. So that being said, 2014 will not be your year if you failed to plant your success seeds in 2013, 2012 or even as far back as 2011.

Success is not found in years. Rather, it is found in the culmination of consistent action toward your goals.

So my question to you is: What has been your consistent action(s) in your travel business?

If the answer to this question is:

– I’ve consistently signed up and attended many free webinars offered by a broad range of Suppliers.
– I’ve consistently downloaded and accessed many free videos and trainings from various Mentors and Business Coaches both inside and outside the travel industry.
– I’ve consistently taken advantage of amazing FAM’s and traveled to many of the places I want to sell over the last 3 years
– I started many marketing strategies like social media or an ezine, but I stopped paying attention because I didn’t get any results after a few months.

If you have engaged in the above actions/activities over the last three years, then chances are you’ve missed your opportunity to sow your seeds for success in your business for 2014. Free webinars, certification programs, free educational downloads and FAM’s are not going to lead to high sales (sorry – don’t shoot the messenger!). Do you know what will?

Consistent marketing action. Period. For example:

– Writing a weekly ezine/e-newsletter that is content-focused and not “sales” driven to your target market.
– Creating follow up campaigns for all the consumer trade shows you’ve attended (like a Bridal Show) that stretch out as far as 6 months
– Consistently posting on social media
– Consistently following up with your clients and prospects and creating marketing systems to always stay in front of them (both online and offline)

I can go on and on with the above list, but the point is that success isn’t going to happen for you in 2014 if you didn’t plant your seeds in previous year. You need to consistently market your travel business for at least 12-18 months before you really start to see true momentum.

Are you ready to do that? Are you ready to get into the business of travel and stop treating your business like a hobby? Are you ready to stop relying on your Host or Suppliers to spoon feed you marketing and sales promotions that simply make you look like an extension of their brand vs. your own? If you are ready to get serious about your success in the travel business then I will leave you with the following recommendations:

Invest. You can’t wing it on free. Sorry. Not going to happen. Wealthy people are wealthy because they choose to invest. Invest in a marketing program, system or even better – a Coach or Coaching Program.

Sow your seeds. Stop with the mentality that the New Year will bring you bigger and more amazing results. Get consistent with your marketing and stay the course.

Stop saying yes to every certification program, webinar, FAM and travel industry trade show. I don’t care how affordable it is! Your time is worth more. Make the decision to only engage in events that help you build your business and that are in alignment with your niche and support your specialty.

Good luck on your journey to sow your seeds of success 2014. If you are hungry for more ways you can stay accountable and build momentum for your travel business, then reach out GIFTE so we can help you.


Create a clear plan for sowing your seeds in 2014. List all your marketing activities that help you get in front of your target market and come up with a specific strategy on how to consistently execute. If this seems hard and you are wondering, “who is my target market?” (hint: the answer is not everyone!), then consider the fact that you may not have nailed your niche yet. Get clear, get focused and you will get results.

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