Succeeding Amidst a Tough Economic Environment

Day after day, we read reports or listen to news stories about our “tough economy.” But there are always pockets of opportunity in tough economies. In fact, there were more millionaires made during the Great Depression than during any other time in our history.

So what do you do? You stop whining and complaining about the tough economy, stop pointing fingers at it and get creative.

Let’s take a look at the real estate market. It’s taken a beating in most markets and certain parts are still very weak (like commercial real estate.) But, there are always people who MUST buy now.

In residential real estate, these can include people who must relocate for a new job. Or people who must relocate for family or health reasons. Then there are the families with new babies on the way or newly blended families.

“Must Buy Now” consumer doesn’t exist in just residential real estate, they exist in every industry. Who would that be in travel? For leisure travel the people that come to mind for me are the following:

  •  Families celebrating a high school graduation
  •  40th birthdays
  •  50th birthdays
  •  75th birthdays (Great for multi generational travel opportunities)
  •  5, 10, 20, 25 year anniversary celebrations

There are other milestones in people’s lives that deserve to be celebrated through travel, but this list will hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

The interesting thing is that very few travel consultants tailor specific marketing efforts at these “Must Buy Now” prospects, yet it would be incredibly wise to do so. Even more wise is to target the “Must Buy Now” customer that is also a “Can Buy Now” customer. In other words, find AFFLUENT people celebrating these milestones.

With a little bit of effort and time, you can find lists of people at these points in their lives. For example, if you have a child in a private, elite high school, you probably have a directory of each student at that school. If you don’t have a child at that high school, maybe you know someone who does.

A great joint venture would work too. Partner with a financial planner (they will know their clients’ birthdays), or even a doctor.

Start with your own list. You should know these milestones for your clients.

A good website to start with, for buying direct mail lists is ( if you are in Canada). You can purchase mailing lists selecting names using simple demographic information like zip code, income level, their month and date of birth, etc.

And then there is the good, old-fashioned, THE place for data mining. If you want to put some time and effort into finding the right lists, is a great place to begin, but not for the faint of heart.


It’s time to stop pointing fingers for why you are not successful and have fun with it. Realize that there are hidden opportunities. You just have to look under the rocks. Your assignment is to start looking under rocks and commit to following through on 1 marketing effort. Just commit and keep taking steps forward.

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