The 1 Marketing Idea to Find and Connect With Luxury Travel Clients

I recently had someone ask me, “Meredith, can you please give me at least 1 marketing idea to find and connect with luxury clients?” It was during a presentation I was delivering about how to become a top producer with a luxury travel supplier.

I could sense the exasperation in this person’s question. And boy could I relate! I remember years of wanting to book the awesome luxury travel products I’d learn about at big travel trade shows, like Virtuoso Travel Week. I loved attending travel events to learn about new, incredible travel products and experiences. I would “buy in” to the selling points and feel full of enthusiasm to go sell such products. But I also felt like a fraud. I didn’t have the kind of clients that would book this type of luxury travel. I felt like the only travel agent who didn’t. I wanted to have these clients. But I didn’t have them. And I felt a sense of shame representing myself to be a seller of luxury travel to these suppliers knowing full well I didn’t have the clients.

I absolutely felt a sense of exasperation, so I truly can relate to this person’s question during my presentation. Heck, I would have given a 5 year old my attention if he was going to share with me 1 marketing idea to find and connect with luxury travel clients.

The reality is, I was looking for a silver bullet. I was hoping to find the ONE idea that would send endless luxury travel clients my way. And did I look EVERYWHERE to find that silver bullet! I tried traditional marketing methods. I tried guerrilla marketing methods. I was willing to spend money on it too. I hired a very expensive PR rep who promised great articles about my services in glossy covered magazines like Conde Nast Traveler and Travel & Leisure. Ten costly months later, I was still without luxury travel clients and definitely no magazine articles.

The answer to this person’s question is yes, I can give you 1 marketing idea. In fact, I can give you 20 marketing ideas for finding and connecting with luxury travel clients. But if you blindly take action on them, without re-wiring your mindset, none of them will work. In my journey from working with penny pinching, budget minded travelers to attracting millionaires and billionaires whose travel budgets were more than a college tuition, I’ve learned that there are no silver bullets.

If you want to attract luxury travel clients, the first step is to up-level you and your mindset. It never happens the other way around. When you take the steps to re-wire your mindset for unlimited success, the inspired marketing ideas will come and you will have the mental muscle to take action on your inspired ideas.

The truth is that the marketing ideas for finding and connecting with luxury travel clients lie within you, not me. Did I just say that? Yes! I don’t have the answers. You do. I can help you access them, but I don’t have them for you. It begins with re-wiring your mindset.

Your assignment: Time to take steps to re-wire your mindset for unlimited success. Most people blindly bring with them a scarcity mindset to their travel business. I can guarantee that a person equipped with a scarcity mindset will never become a top producer with a luxury supplier. Re-wiring your mindset is not a one shot thing and is much easier with support. A great way to get started is to establish a daily ritual. Whether it’s meditating, intention setting, visualizations, or exercising, establish a daily ritual that leaves you feeling great. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not something you can do alone. This is why I started the Global Institute for Travel Entrepreneurs. If you want other ideas for what’s working, or just to tap into a tribe that is on a similar journey, then check out our membership by CLICKING HERE.

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