The 1 Thing That Could Have You Realizing Your Outrageous Success

ezine12_9_clip_image002The other day I woke up to a dreary outside. It was raining hard and constantly. It was cold – about 41 degrees. It was a Saturday and the idea of turning over and going back to sleep in my warm, dry bed, definitely occurred to me.

But I didn’t. Why? Because running is my ritual, not my hobby. I don’t let rain, snow, wind, or any other bad weather get in the way of my running. If it’s snowing, I wear “running boots,” a ski hat, and gloves. If it’s raining, I wear a baseball cap, rainproof shell, and put my I-phone in a clear, plastic bag. I leave little room for excuses.

Tony Robbins says, “Your life is determined by your rituals.” When it comes to your business, I would change one word in Tony’s quote: “Your success is determined by your rituals.” It’s true. Most people would agree, but I don’t think most people understand WHY this is true.

In my entrepreneurial journey, it has become incredibly clear to me how rampant and detrimental a scarcity mindset is. What is a scarcity mindset? Simply, it’s a belief that there is a limited supply of money. A scarcity mindset has catastrophic effects as it is cancer to a business.

If we can understand it a little better, we can succeed in shifting it. This scarcity mindset is rooted in a universally accepted, simple, but totally flawed premise, which is:

“money comes to me because of what I do.”

Who didn’t learn that from a very young age? Consider the honor we place in “working harder.” Consider the attitude of “no pain, no gain.” When faced with a perceived shortage of money, think about how often you might have said, thought or been told something like, “time to pound the pavement.” It’s all because of this flawed premise that “money comes to me because of what I do.”

The truth is that “money comes to me because of what I think, and thus how I feel.” This is where most people get it wrong. They ignore this completely and use the size of their bank account to dictate how they feel. When it’s insufficient, they feel terrible and jump into action. We have it the wrong way around! “When you accumulate abundance on the inside, it will reflect itself on the outside.” In other words, when you deliberately choose thoughts that feel good and hold that focus on a consistent basis and expect massive abundance, your bank account will grow.

This is easier said than done because law of attraction will respond to a well worn (flawed) belief by throwing more evidence of that belief your way. So what does one do to get around this and in effect, rewire their scarcity mindset? My answer is one word: Ritual.

There are rituals that will put you in a good feeling state and there are rituals that will put you in a bad feeling state. Find a ritual that puts you in a good feeling state and commit to it daily for the next 21 days. Rituals are the antidote to negative beliefs that aren’t serving you. When I adopted the ritual of running every day, something that puts me in a very good feeling state, my financial abundance changed dramatically. My business attracted a completely different type of client (millionaires and billionaires), my income soared, my husband’s income increased and I began feeling free to enjoy the luxuries in life I had been putting off. A good ritual is life changing.

Your assignment: It’s time to claim your inheritance!!! I believe with every cell in my body that the abundance you have accumulated for yourself is beyond your wildest imagination. It’s not just possible for you to have it….it’s inevitable. And, as long as you believe anything to the contrary, you will feel negative emotion. I promise you that there is not enough action in the world that will have you realizing your abundance inheritance. It’s adopting a ritual of deliberately aligning with thoughts that will feel good, expecting your abundance, getting curious about how it will show up and enjoying the journey, not needing the destination, that will have you realize your well deserved inheritance. When you do this, money beyond your description will be yours.

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