The 2 Things That Will Guarantee Entrepreneurial Success

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, it can be soooooooo easy to get caught up in the action part.  As an aspiring, successful entrepreneur (that’s my nice way of saying that you intend to make a lot of money, but aren’t there yet), how often do you wake up in the morning and immediately think about your “to-do” list?  How many days go by that are completely dedicated to doing, doing, doing?

And who’s to blame you?  There are books written about the action plan.  Thousands of workshops are held each year on the action part of success in business and entrepreneurship.  Action and plans are what most entrepreneurs have the majority of their focus on.

Want to know a truth that is going to sound a little “cray-cray”?  Action is the least important part when it comes to realizing your success in entrepreneurship.  In front of action there are 2 things that will guarantee your success.  There is such little action in these 2 things, that most people will look at them and believe they are impotent without action.  They are not.  In fact, if you get them right, they will inspire action.  They are the seed to a effortless action.

The 2 things that will guarantee your success (that most overlook) are:

1. Desire
combined with
2. Positive Expectation

Yes, it’s that simple.  If you can be aware of your desire and have pure positive expectation of it coming to you on its own timeline, you WILL realize it.  Whether your desire is a pipeline of the most amazing clients, or 50 bookings that net you over $2,000 in commission each during a 12 month period, or 3 large destination weddings with brides you love working…if you have pure positive expectation of that desire, it will come.

What gets most of us down however, is that we get caught up in the how or when.  The moment we think about the “how,” we usually introduce resistance and the positive expectation dissipates.  Or, we look at the current conditions and allow them to contradict the positive expectation.

If you can break your habits of resistance – whether it comes up when looking back, looking at what is, attempting to figure out the “how” or complaining, you CAN and will have positive expectation of your desire.  Practice the pure positive expectation of your desires for a little while – like 30 days – and your success in that desire is guaranteed.

This article is short.  That’s on purpose.  The concept is simple.  It doesn’t need further explanation to complicate it.  Now go identify your biggest desires in your business and practice positively expecting them.