The 3 Life Lessons Entrepreneurship Can Teach You

My beginnings were far from entrepreneurial. My mom and dad encouraged me to take the safe path. They wanted me to find a good job that paid well, offered great benefits and stability and security.

So I did. I got into a great college. I graduated with honors. I started a great job 3 weeks after graduation. But the call of entrepreneurship never quieted. My poor father. He never understood his risk taking little girl who refused to find comfort in being comfortable. Every time he thought I was “settled” and he could kick back and relax into his retirement, I had a new, big idea that caused him many a sleepless nights.

In fact, as I dug deeper and deeper into the world of a solid, corporate career, the call got louder and louder. I finally listened to it when I took six months off for maternity leave. I couldn’t deny it. Within 6 months, I had left the corporate world behind with all its benefits, high paying salaries, stimulating work environments to “do it my way.”

That’s what I’ve learned. The gift of travel AND entrepreneurship is the FREEDOM to do it your own way. When it comes to travel, you can stay in the biggest penthouse hotel suite in NYC, fly on the most lavish private jet around the world, or put a bag on your back and hike through Europe. The freedom is yours to do it your own way. And that’s true with entrepreneurship in travel too. From the traditional travel agent working at a desk in a storefront agency to the travel blogger living the laptop lifestyle, in different locales from one day to the next, there has never been a better time to sell travel. You can do it your own way.

These are the 3 life lessons entrepreneurship in travel has taught me:

1) Anything is possible.
If you can conceive it, and believe it, you can receive it. This is not just a saying. If you have a desire in your heart – no matter how out if reach it may seem – it’s not only possible, it’s doable. But you HAVE to take your focus off your current conditions and put your focus on your dream. Feel how you will feel when you realize your dream. You can do it.

2) Don’t do it alone
The concept of entrepreneurship can seem singular. And as a human species, we have a distorted belief that there is honor in going it alone. There is no honor in going it alone. And your chances of succeeding when you go it alone fall so dramatically, it’s just not worth it. Besides, co-creating with others is so much fun…why miss out on all that fun? I have been so blessed with the most amazing business partners, team, clients, community, and supplier partners. There. Is. No. Way, I could have succeeded as an entrepreneur without them.

3) Don’t Take it So Seriously
Mistakes will happen. In fact, mistakes are great, unappreciated gifts. The entrepreneurial life is all about the journey, NOT the destination. If you don’t have fun on the journey, you won’t have fun when you get to the destination. Lighten up!!! Nothing bad is happening, no matter what dire circumstances you are facing. Life (and entrepreneurship) is not about how to learn to survive the storms, it’s about dancing in the rain.

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