The 5 Pieces of Advice I Want to Give You…


“Focus on the path ahead, not the ground beneath your feet.”

When you drive a car, do you look down at the gas pedals? Would you ask the mechanic to install the windshield in the floorboards? No! The only way to successfully drive from one place to another is to keep your eyes focused on the path ahead, not the ground beneath your feet. In life and business, we need to do the same. So why do we pay so much attention to what is? Because we have been trained to. Now it’s time to train yourself back to keeping your focus forward.


“Direct your thoughts towards why you want it, not how you will get it.”

Once you have repositioned your focus onto your dreams, it’s very common to want to figure out HOW you will achieve them. That’s not your job. Instead, it’s to create the energetic atmosphere of your dream/goal. The way to do that is to direct your thoughts towards why you want your dream. Spend several minutes a day, completing this sentence: “When I have (or achieve) X, I will feel ________.”


“Practice faith by having the same eager anticipation for your dreams as you do when you book your next vacation.”

Your dreams and goals are not a possibility, they are a definite thing. When you have asked for something or received clarity on what you want, it’s always given. Always. A great analogy is travel. When you book your plane ticket to your dream destination, like Fiji, the ticket is booked. It’s a done deal. You will get on a plane and fly to Fiji on the date specified on the ticket. You don’t doubt that the flight is going to happen. You don’t look at other conditions as a reason to find doubt in your travel plans. So use this same positive expectation and conviction when you declare your goals and dreams.


“Savor your unfulfilled desires, no matter how long you’ve had them.”

Your desires are the most delicious part of life, but no one tells us that. When a desire is new, it’s usually exciting (and delicious)…especially if you don’t have conflicting beliefs. Think about the vacation analogy from the last piece of advice. One of the best parts of booking a vacation is the “having something to look forward to.” You get to wake up each morning and feel excited about your upcoming trip, no matter how far in the future it is. But when you’ve had an unfulfilled desire for a long time, it loses it’s shine. Why? Because instead of staying focused on the pure desire, your focus goes to measuring your progress on your desire. So instead of staying focused on your desire, albeit unfulfilled, your attention is on the absence of your desire. This attention on the absence is exactly what’s keeping your desire unfulfilled! It’s like an umbrella. So instead, savor your unfulfilled desires, no matter how long you’ve had them, knowing that desires are the most delicious part of life.


“Let happiness be your measure of success, not your results.”

One of the most dangerous parts of having an inspiring role model (Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins for me) is that we have a tendency to compare our beginning with their end. We look at where we are in our journey and measure that against where the role model is. We have a tendency to measure our success against others and by the results we are achieving. Your life will change drastically if you give that up and let happiness be your measure of success. The true measure of success is how much joy and happiness you feel on a daily basis.

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