The Antidote To Burn Out

As an entrepreneur, it’s going to happen. You will have days you feel totally zapped of any inspiration. Days you don’t feel like tackling anything on your to-do list and nothing about your business gets you excited.

This is quite different from how it all began.
The beginning of an entrepreneurial journey can very much resemble the beginning of a fabulous love affair. You have energy, joy, and excitement oozing out of every pore. You are swept away by the good feeling juju and feel like you are floating on air.   Ideas come to you at alarming speed. You have ideas for everyone else too. You are more productive than you have ever been and feel proud of each check off your to-do list. The freedom you feel working for yourself, with no one to tell you what you SHOULD be doing, the excitement you feel creating something FOR you, BY you, is intoxicating.

Well, the “honeymoon phase” of your entrepreneurial journey will come to an end, just like it does with any romantic relationship.
I once read in a book by Harville Hendricks that the honeymoon phase of a romantic relationship is like a pair of batteries that will ultimately run out.

If you are feeling burn out, first things first … it’s OK.
It happens. It’s normal. It’s part of the journey. And, it’s an opportunity to train yourself deliberate tuning instead of tuning by default. I will explain that in a minute. Here is my prescription for a business owner experiencing burn out.

Step 1: Make peace with where you are.
Surrender. Let go of the oars. Trust that this experience of feeling burn out is happening FOR you, not TO you.

Step 2: Get curious. Has the majority of your focus been on “how?” and “when?”
Have you been observing the absence of what you want – like money in the business bank account? Have you been observing the presence of unwanted – like clients that don’t trust, value or respect you? I would bet my life savings that if you are experiencing burn out, you could answer yes to a lot of these questions.

Step 3: Practice deliberate tuning.
Here comes the explanation … Imagine that your range of emotions is like a radio dial that span from very low to very high. The most negative emotions are down at 88.1, while the best feelings are up at 107.9. Most of our society tunes their emotional radio dial by default. In other words, they wake up in the morning, observe the conditions around them and if the condition is a pleasing one, they will feel a positive emotion. But if the condition is unpleasant or unwanted, they will feel a negative emotion. Their tuning of their emotional radio dial is passive and dictated by what they observe. Most people go through an entire life like this. But successful entrepreneurs don’t. They have figured out how to deliberately tune their emotional radio dial. When they do and hold that tuner at the highest end even when the conditions around them may be unpleasant or unwanted, the conditions will transform and match the frequency of what they have deliberately tuned to.

So how do you deliberately tune to the frequency of financial success in your business?
How do you deliberately tune to operational ease in your business? How do you deliberately tune to harmony with your clients?

The answer is quite simple.
Focus on WHY, instead of HOW or WHEN. WHY do you want financial success? WHY do you want operational ease? WHY do you want harmony in your relationships with your clients?   Instead of asking yourself how you will accomplish these things, ask yourself how you will feel when you have them? When you feel prosperity, ease, relief, fun, happiness, fulfillment that these things you want will bring, you have deliberately tuned to the frequency of them. Practice that vibe day after day, and the world around you will transform to match it.