The Four Letter Word that Begins with “F”

Have you ever had a recurring nightmare? I’ve had a few, like the one where I’m a college student and it’s the day of my final but I never went to a single class lecture, so I am completely unprepared for the final exam. Or there’s the one where I am packing for a trip, scurrying to make it to the airport in time for my flight, but I can’t seem to get the packing finished. It’s like my body is in slow motion. These are both clearly signs of high anxiety. Can you relate?

Similar to a recurring nightmare, I also have a recurring DAY mare. It usually happens when I am running. I spot something on the side of the road way ahead of me that resembles a coiled snake. As I get closer, it continues to look more and more like a snake. Here’s the truth: I hate snakes. The last thing I want is to come anywhere close to one. If it’s on the same side of the road, I cross the street so I can avoid it. As I run right past it, it becomes crystal clear. It’s not a snake after all. It’s just a rope. This has happened so many times (sometimes when I pass the exact same rope).

what-fear-isWhat I love about this experience is its a perfect example of my favorite definition for the word, fear. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. How often in your life do you misinterpret things, and change your actions just to avoid your worst fear?

We tell ourselves stories and then believe them. Stories are great when they empower. But they are devastating when they are based in fear. They stop us in our tracks, keep us stuck and then we never achieve the success we deserve.

So how do we get past this? The answer lies in two words, both of which MUST exist to find success. They are: Courage and Commitment.


Acting with courage does not mean acting without fear. Someone with courage has just as much fear as anyone else. The difference is he or she acts DESPITE the fear. Courage is taking action despite the fear. In order to be successful, you must do this.


Commitment goes hand in hand with courage. And just like courage, you can’t be successful without commitment. Here’s one of my favorite quotes on the topic of commitment:

When you are interested, you do whats convenient. When you are committed, you do whatever it takes.” – John Assaraf

For example, lets apply this philosophy to weight loss. If you are interested in losing weight, you will “diet” and exercise when it’s convenient. Maybe you even make it several weeks and lose a few pounds. Then you have a day when you are in a hurry, you forgot to eat breakfast, and you cave in to the fast food on the side of the highway. Then you travel and can’t fit in the exercise. More life gets in the way and several weeks later, you have gained back the weight you lost and then some. All because your weight loss regime became too inconvenient.

If you were committed, you would have prioritized your healthy eating and exercise schedule. Does that mean you wouldn’t ever cave in to some cravings or skip a day of exercise? No, not at all. But what it does mean is that when you did, you would get right back on your exercise schedule the very next day without beating yourself up. You would have packed some healthy snacks for your travels. And that’s the difference.

Now apply this to your business. Are you interested in your success or are you committed? Are you taking action when it’s convenient, or are you doing whatever it takes to take action….despite the fear?


Combine courage and commitment to your business on a daily basis and you will see significant results. What does that look like? Commit to a weekly electronic newsletter and don’t miss it. Pick up the phone and call your best clients. Ask them for more business or referrals. Create a marketing plan for yourself and commit to it. Don’t let excuses stop you.

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