The Importance of Saying YES

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in my entrepreneurial journey is the power of saying yes. Saying yes to marketing opportunities, personal development opportunities, and more. But there is one disclaimer to this statement:

Amazing things happen when you say yes to opportunities outside your comfort zone

How many times have you turned down an event that was too far and required you to spend extra money on travel to attend? Or how many times have you turned down a marketing opportunity like a trade show booth that would put you in front of your ideal clients but the price tag was a stretch for you? Or what about spending money to be coached on moving your business forward and assisting you with learning new marketing strategies that could potentially make a huge difference in your business?

Ask yourself: how many times have you said no to opportunities outside your comfort zone?

And here’s the reality: if you want to grow your business the shifts won’t happen if your default is no. The positive momentum exists outside your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust your gut to guide you.

If this resonates, here are 3 ways that you are potentially sabotaging yourself:

  1. You frequently say: I can’t afford it. Ask yourself: how many times do you say that in any given week or day? I understand you have to make financially strategic decisions that make “cents” for your business model – but what if something really amazing comes up for you? Something that you’ve been asking for? Do you default to “I can’t afford it?”How to change it: Say, “can I afford not to?”
  1. You wait for a specific sequence of events to occur before you say yes. For example, you say no an opportunity to market in a magazine that reaches your ideal clients because your logo isn’t ready, your name is still being flushed out and/or you don’t have a supplier partner to help you subsidize the Ad. Ask yourself: are you someone who wants things to happen in a linear manner? How to change it: Understand that the entrepreneurial journey is not a straight path. There are lots of zig zags and not everything needs to happen linearly.
  1. You suffer from comparison-itis. Are you saying no to opportunities because you are comparing where you are in your business to someone else? For example, do you say to yourself: “I could never just approach my local winery for a joint venture opportunity because I’ve never been on a river cruise and I am just getting started in my travel business. All those GIFTE members who are doing that have way more experience then me.” Does that sound familiar? Guess what? When Michelle Woodson secured her first wine bar as a joint venture she had never been on a river cruise! So the best wisdom I can offer you here is to stop comparing yourself to others – it is hurting your ability to move forward.

It’s time for you claim to the life and business you so richly desire and it starts with one simple word: YES

Your assignment:

Be aware of the 3 ways you may be sabotaging yourself. Or, think of a recent opportunity that felt out of our comfort zone and remember how you responded. Self-awareness is half the battle! Document what you default to and think of ways to switch your way of thinking.

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