The Life Lesson from Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of my favorite activities when I visit the Caribbean (or other Tropical places). It never ceases to astonish me that once you get your face in the water and the mask is clear that there is an entirely hidden world going on under the surface. No matter how rough the surface of the sea is….it could be raining outside, it could be wavy and nasty, but put your head in the water and begin floating around and the peace that comes over you is remarkable. What a striking lesson for life.

There are only two types of emotions….those that make you feel good and those that make you feel bad. Most of us spend our life allowing people, events and experiences to dictate how we feel. Sometimes external forces make you feel good. Sometimes external forces make you feel bad. One person may do all kinds of nice things for you and make you feel really good. Then, 3 months later that same person might forget about you or neglect you or worse, betray you, making you feel very bad. Our tendency in life is to blame that person for how we feel.

That’s like swimming in the ocean with your head above water, never going under. If the sea is calm, you feel calm. But when the sea picks up, the waves splash in your face and the current is pushing you everywhere, you feel uncomfortable, out of control and create a body full of resistance. You blame the ocean for how you feel. You get angry at it and feel like you have no ability to control what it’s going to do next.

But what if you have another choice? What happens when you submerge yourself under the water? When you go all the way under? It really doesn’t matter how rough the surface is, it’s very calm down there. Whatever is going on above the surface doesn’t affect you.

In life, we have the ability to “go below the surface” so that outside forces don’t dictate how we feel, and thus what we attract. In life, we can choose to react to others’ words, actions, and experiences. But when we do that, we lose all our power and life is dictated to you, rather than you being the creator of your experience.

The other choice we have is to go below the surface. When you choose the latter, you maintain your power. No longer the victim of rough seas (that you have no hope of controlling) and instead, the words, experiences or events roll right through you. When you exercise your muscle of going below the surface, you create the life you want, the experiences you want and the relationships you want because you maintain a resistant-free environment. An environment free of resistance is full of your hopes and dreams. Today, I challenge you be a snorkeler in life and practice going under the surface to enjoy the peaceful world you have already created.


How does one go below the surface? Practice meditation. Or, choose a focus that easily elicits good feelings like your loyal pet. Or, find ways to soothe and soften whatever is irritating you by reminding yourself that you are the molder of your own clay. It is fun to be that creator. Jump into the practice with eagerness and a joy for the adventure.

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