The One Thing Self Made Billionaires Know That You Don’t

My life changed the day I was listening to a spiritual teacher (also a self made billionaire), who said, “the reason why you don’t have what you want is because you are looking where it isn’t instead of feeling where it is.”

What exactly does this statement mean? It means that we, as human beings, have developed a habit of looking at what is showing up in our lives and then letting those conditions dictate how we feel. When it’s something good and is consistent with what we want, we feel good and all is well. But when something bad or unwanted shows up, we feel bad. When we feel bad, we have resistance in our energy which keeps us in a “holding pattern.” With resistance, there is no way we can align energetically with what we want. So when something bad shows up and we let the bad condition dictate how we feel, we enter a vicious cycle because the bad feeling reinforces the bad condition.

For example, let’s say you are at a prime age of 22 and just graduated from college debt free. You are about to begin your first job and it’s a dream job for you. The pay is fantastic, you have moved to a fabulous new city, found an adorable little apartment to rent and purchased a brand new car. Life is good. You are happy.

Fast forward 2 years. You are not so happy with that dream job anymore because they hired an idiot who is your boss. Then… you get fired. Your certain income has come to a complete halt. No more money to pay your rent, car, food and other bills. Clearly, you are facing conditions that are unwanted and you will feel negative emotion.

Believe it or not, there is a gift in this situation. In fact, there are 3 gifts. The first is a newfound clarity for what you want – financial security. The second is a newfound awareness that you have been putting out negative vibes around money. In other words, you must have some negative belief patterns around money that you didn’t know you were practicing. Now that you know you have been practicing them, you have the opportunity to change them. The third gift is the negative emotion itself as it is your evidence that what you want (financial security) is already lined up for you and waiting for you to claim it. If it wasn’t waiting to be claimed, you wouldn’t feel the negative emotion.

When confronted with a crisis like this, most of us miss all 3 gifts. The condition – being out of a job, having bills to pay and no money to pay them – has so much of our attention, we don’t realize we have a choice. And this is exactly when my quote makes sense…”the reason you don’t have what you want (financial security), is because you are looking where it isn’t instead of feeling where it is.”

The choice you have is to feel good anyway…despite the condition. And this is the secret self made billionaires know to realizing the success they envision.   Every single thing you want in life is because you believe you will feel good in the having of it. In the face of a negative condition like this, if you can find the emotion of what you want – financial security – and hold that emotion, day after day after day, eventually you will develop a new belief for yourself. The energetic vibe you will put out is that of financial security. And guess what will line up with you? Financial security. It has to. It is law.

Since words don’t teach, I find myself learning this powerful lesson on a daily basis in all areas of my life. One area of your life you can apply this is your travel business. If your business is not thriving financially – and I mean thriving! – then you are looking where it isn’t instead of feeling where it is. In other words, you are letting your existing financial results dictate how you feel about your business, which introduces a huge amount of resistance, which then prevents the flow of abundance and prosperity from coming to you.

Here’s what you can do instead: Get clear on what your business thriving financially means to you. Does that mean you are generating enough revenue to pay yourself $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 or $1 million? Just pick some specifics that feel true. Then, let yourself feel what that would be like for you? How would you feel if I waved a magic wand and you just paid yourself a $200,000 bonus? How would you FEEL? Free? Lighter? Excited? Happy? Giddy? Joyful? Wonderful? Generous? Accepting? Let yourself go there. Just try it – for the heck of it. What have you got to lose? Let yourself “swim” in these emotions. Go ahead, feel free, like a weight has been lifted, happy, joyful, giddy, playful, excited, adventurous, eager, generous, at peace, easy, relieved, wonderful, successful, fulfilled, proud. Get into this feeling place everyday for 3-5 minutes. See what happens after 30 days. I guarantee your life will change for the better.

The only reason you don’t have the hugely lucrative and thriving travel business of your dreams is because of you. No other reason! It’s not just possible, it’s inevitable. Now, go claim it and join the ranks of the self made millionaires and billionaires!

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