The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Travel Business

Have you ever heard someone say their ideal clients are the “1 percenters?” What they are referring to is the the most affluent subset of our population. In other words, those people whose net worth is greater than 99% of the rest. As a mentor to travel entrepreneurs, that’s a great ideal client to have. I know from experience. I’ve worked with clients that have been on Forbes’ list of the Richest People in America. And it’s smart business to attract them as clients.

But, this article is not about telling you to drop everything and focus exclusively on attracting the 1 percenters. Instead, I want to equip you with how to get the success you desire, which might be attracting 1 percenters, or maybe it’s attracting luxury wedding clients or something completely different. Whatever it is, I will tell you this (one of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned): Everything you dream or desire for your business lies OUTSIDE your comfort zone. So as an entrepreneur, if you are determined to get what you want (which I hope you are, because you absolutely deserve it), you better get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

So how does one do that? The answer is simple. Fill up with entrepreneurial nutrition. Tony Robbins says “your results are a direct reflection of the rituals you keep.” Someone who has successfully lost 100 pounds and kept it off has different daily rituals than the person who has lost 10 pounds, gained it back and then lost it again, 10 times.

As a travel entrepreneur, you must find ways to tap into regular entrepreneurial nutrition, which will prepare you and strengthen you to step outside your comfort zone on a regular basis. The Global Institute for Entrepreneurs (GIFTE) exists for this exact reason. I wanted to create a space for entrepreneurial conversations and support that I did not find for myself within the travel industry. Whether you find your entrepreneurial nutrition at GIFTE or somewhere else, it’s critical that you find it.

When I look back upon my entrepreneurial journey in travel, just like anybody else, I made mistakes and I had my successes. But the biggest mistakes in the history of my travel business occurred when I was “alone.” I don’t mean alone in the familial sense, I mean alone in my business. The greatest mistakes came when I made decisions in a vacuum. And my greatest successes came after establishing the ritual to fill up daily with entrepreneurial nutrition through a supportive entrepreneurial tribe.

So go find one. Here are the things you should benefit from when filling up with entrepreneurial nutrition on a consistent basis:

  • Leadership and guidance from a mentor who has walked the path and achieved the success you desire;
  • Marketing and business development support and resources;
  • Marketing and business development feedback (from both the mentor/s and the members);
  • A helping hand (or push) when stepping outside your comfort zone;
  • A collaborative environment to share wisdom, experience, etc;
  • Notification when other members have big wins or great success that will inspire you to do something you might have believed not possible before.

Your Assignment:

If you are alone, doing it all by yourself and making decisions in a vacuum, don’t hesitate to find your tribe. You can’t do this alone. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. We are a rare breed and we need each other to thrive. I cannot underestimate the importance of this, especially as it can often appear to be “luxury” for when the cash flow allows it. It’s the other way around. Your commitment to filling up daily with your entrepreneurial nutrition through a supportive tribe is the catalyst for the ideas and then the action that will bring about a much more consistent form of cash flow.

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